Should I still bother talking to her?

Yeah so I was at this club for teens and I was looking for a girl to dance with and I saw this blonde haired girl who looked pretty hot and I asked her to dance and we got along really well the whole night. We wound up spending the next 2 hours talking to her friend and her friend. We also took pictures o the computers they had their and uploaded them on Facebook. When I was looking at the pictures later she looked totally different then I remembered her looking and she looked really, unattractive I was planning on chilling with her mode and I don't know if I should. She looked very unattractive in like every single picture on fb. I feel like a douche for even thinking about something like this and for talking to her or so long. Her friend was actually pretty hot though. I want to know if I should bother hanging out with her anymore


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  • I must tell you that you don't paint a very attractive picture of YOU. You sound shallow and hung up on looks. LIsten - beauty fades.. Dumb is forever. You just said you enjoyed this girl's company - you got along - blah blah.. and THEN you saw pictures afterwards where you didn't think she was so hot? And NOW you want to hang with her GIRLFRIEND? Are you the hottest thing that ever walked the Earth? WHO are you to pass judgement on LOOKS? Are you a Johnny Depp lookalike? Ok.. with that said --- SOMETIMES as you get to know a person - they become MORE attractive - MORE beautiful - and what is TRULY important is what is in this girl's heart - and between her ears ( how intelligent she is - can she carry on a conversation? Is she interesting? Does she make you laugh? Etc. Etc.) Anybody can dump a bottle of blonde bleach on their head and wear a tight skirt up to there... Honey - raise the bar - act like a gentleman instead of a a horny pig. Your attitude is going to get you a one way ticket to nowhere.. When a girl figures out you are only with her for her LOOKS - and that you don't give a flying fig newton about her feelings... she will dump you like a hot rock. THAT is so insulting to a person - it is not flattering to know a guy could care less if you are a nice person. A woman falls in love with a guy who treats her like a Queen. If you had any class - you would stay FAR away from that girl - AND HER FRIEND.. Do you have any idea how she would feel if she saw you hitting on her FRIEND after thinking you guys hit it off? Just move on -- and nextt ime.. TAKE THE TIME TO SEE SOMEONE'S TRUE SOUL - THEIR SPIRIT.. THEIR KINDNESS.. Great relationships are built on trust/honesty/respect/love.. NOT THE COLOR OF THEIR HAIR.. Please remember the Golden Rule.. Would you have liked hitting it off with some girl... who decided she didn't like the fact your eyes were green instead of brown and she liked the GUY YOU WERE HANGING WITH BETTER so wanted to hang with HIM? You see my point? Be a gentleman. Learn what really matters - You will have a lot more success with the ladies - and people - in general. GOLDEN RULE!


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  • well some people aren't very photogenic.. like me for instance..i look a hell of a lot worse in pictures than in real life.. I say go kick it with the girl and take another look


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  • Actually most of the girls that I have liked I thought pictures of them were pretty unattractive. Like ambermarie said, not everyone is photogenic.