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Black hair, green eyes?

Would you find a girl with black hair and green eyes attractive? I have that combination and I get told a lot that because of it, I look too... Show More

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What Guys Said 8

  • Irish women have this combination quite often Since the slut index is so much lower with Irish women, they are enchanting...

    • As an Irish guy myself, take it from me that this guy's correct.

    • Yay! As an irish woman with Black hair and green eyes and not a slut you've made my day

  • I would love it... but green eyes with ginger hair would be perfect! :)

  • Thats a plus because its rare.

    But Hair & eye color doesn't make someone more/less attractive!

  • sounds super attractive!

    too bad there isn't a pic

  • *gasp* You're Shego from Kim Possible...?

    • LOL I've actually been told once that I look like her.

      maybe I am ;)

  • Depends on the the face as well, but yes could be attractive maybe intimidating if she has an intimidating personality

  • it sounds amazing. but maybe that's because they are two of my favorite colors.

What Girls Said 6

  • It's a rare combination, I have blue eyes/ almost black hair and VERY pale skin

  • Intimidating because you're attractive? Because that sounds gorgeous.

  • well I'm a girl so my opinion doesn't matter, but I've ALWAYS wanted dark hair, green eyes, and fair skin! maybe it's because I'm irish that I want to look like that, but it is so pretty!

  • i sometimes have that combo beause my eyes change color but I love that combination on men and women it looks different

  • it's a great combination! own it, girl

  • That's a pretty dramatic combo

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