TATTOOS on girls??


what do you think? tattoos on girls, hott or not?


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  • Only in certains ares, Girls look hot with tattoos on the upper corner shoulder, lower stomach by the thigh, ankle and butt cheek (thats the hottest)

    • Butt cheek's the hottest huh? LOL!!!

      i still haven't made up my mind yet, I'm seriously considering one on my lower stomach though...

      thanks for your answer!!

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  • I don't like them, but they haven't been a deal breaker thus far. I think a tatoo on the face would probably be one though. One of an ex-boyfriend would too.

  • I absolutely love ink on women! BUT, it needs to be tasteful and well done! There is too many tats out there that are horribly done, and horrid! I also think that it is dependent on life-style, image, and career! As a business professional, I frequent dinners and black tie affairs that I hate to say, don't allow tattoos to be obvious! I can't have a women on my arm that is wearing a dress, showing the tattoos that adorn her chest, back, arms, legs, etc. I hate to have that be the case, but that life for me. I know many women that have tattoos that I consider art, which I consider beautiful! Women with that butterfly, or lotus flower, or stars, truly make me wonder if they actually thought about what they were getting, and if they always want to be portrayed as a 16 year old!

    • So what would you suggest???

    • What is your lifestyle? Do you see yourself being in my position now, or in a few years? I know of a few things that I feel are truly gorgeous! It just depends on you...

    • What about a small tattoo on a girl's wrist and/or around her thumb, like a ring?

  • Sorry to say it but, not. I just respect, and like the way God makes people too much to see tattoos as anything positive. Besides, the only way to be completely sure you are safe is to abstain from the things that can give you what you don't want. Abstinence is actually worth the investment.

  • hot I think it depends mostly on weather it is where , meaning and if they call pull it off some girls can pull ceartin things in ceartin places I think however that a tat with meaning is hot all on its own .

  • On someone else, maybe. On you I'd say no. You can't improve on perfection.

    • Oh shucks! you're making me blush! LOL!


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  • Not a guy, BUT depends on the tattoo and the girl.

    Just like guys. I've seen some guys with tattoos and it's hot and other guys with tattoos who look trashy. It's a matter of personal preference and you'll find responses to this will vary.

  • do what you want to do , don't do it because of a guy

  • Depends on the guy. Some love them and some hate them. But, if its what you want and you know you won't regret it then by all means go for it.

  • When I told my dad that I wanted a tattoo, he told me that I was 18 years old and technically an adult so I could do whatever I wanted.

    He just said that if I did get one, it should be tasteful and it shouldn't prevent me from wearing an evening dress when I'm 40 years old and a major executive for some big company.

    I thought about that for a long time and the tat I finally got is in a private place and I think its really pretty and my dad would approve if he could see it (which I don't let him).

    Just my $.02 FWIW.,