Why are looks everything to guys?

Honestly guys, how many times have you ever said "she's cute, I'd tap that."? Or something along those lines. And how many have said "Naw bro. HELL NO!"?

I have quite a bit of guy friends and I'm constantly hearing them rating girls about being "bangable" or not. And quite honestly, most of them that they would "tap" are the hella skinny blond girls.

What's up with that?

I'm not trying to be stereotypical, but how many guys have actually found a girl that doesn't fake and bake, non blond, and a little extra, or maybe more than a little extra, attractive?

Alright, enough with this question. I'm done with it.


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  • Everyone says "look aren't everything to them, and I'm the perfect guy, why aren't you with me". But obviously enough guys act like this, and your right. Guys say this stuff in public about how much ass they get and how they want to f*** that girl with the fat ass. and the Asshole guys truly mean it, and truly live by it. They get what they want, use girls, who in turn lose trust in every male.

    The guys go along with it, because the go who stands up and says "come on bros, don't treat women like that", doesn't find him self going out with his 'friends'. Obviously everyone is different but as far as the type of guy you are talking about, I find this to be the case.

    Real men, might catch himself looking at you and smiling but he wants to fate the person you are, not the person you look like.

    But in this artificial world we live in, the better you look the longer we catch ourselves staring. But that doesn't make you (not you specifically) a better women..

    P.s the little tanning bed princess you are describing is definitely any type of women I would be interested in.

    • * I would not be interested in... sorry big difference

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  • Mademoiselle,

    Apparrently you have not had the pleasure of a mature man, the exotically macbre?

    Stop pining away for all those headward young men, listen to some OZZY, and feel the passion and power of your youth. Remember, always, the Lady has the advantage.

    • Of course not. Haha. Oh Ozzy, my mom listens to him. Not much of a rock person. Thanks though! Lol.

  • Would you please stop generalizing?

    Looks aren't everything to guys, and it hurts a bit to be stereotyped like that.

    "I'm not trying to be sterotypical, but how many guys have actually found a girl that doesn't fake and bake, non blonde, and a little extra, or maybe more than a little extra, attractive?"

    I have no idea what "fake and bake" means, but...

    My girlfriend wears a minimum of make up, her hair is more red than blonde, and her stomach's not completely flat.

    But she's beautiful to me.

    Also, Killfest4000 speaks the truth.

  • yea...lets see a hot girl date an obease guy, then we'll talk

    • I've seen it. One of my friends did. She loved the personality that he had. It only lasted 2 months though. And he actually brokeup with her.

  • Boys will be boys.

    • More like boys will be immature.

    • Agreed.

  • And you don't think of guys as "cute".

    • Of course I do. Never denied that I didn't. I'm saying that I don't shout out deragotary comments and I always wondered why most guys do.

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    • Who has MSN anymore?!

    • I do. But I don't share it with girls anymore. Got tired of that nonsense.

  • Well, let's start from the top.

    How often have I said "she's cute"? Plenty. How often have I said "I'd tap that"? Only to my ex.

    Put frankly, your guy friends are d***s. Also put frankly, they don't represent the full male population.

    There are plenty of us who aren't interested in the skinny, tanned, blonde bimbos. I find "a little extra" to be just fine so long as "a little extra" doesn't translate to "spherical". You don't have to be skinny to be attractive, but you do have to be healthy.

    Looks are everything to guys who are looking for nothing but sex. Despite what your opinion might suggest, that isn't all of us. And as many others have mentioned, I've seen tons of girls who do the exact same thing you're condemning men for. Case in point: how many girls do you think went to see New Moon/Eclipse for shirtless Taylor Lautner?

    • Alot of girls went to go see that movie because of him! I personally didn't.

      I disagree with being healthy to be attractive.

      Some guys like the bigger women. And there's nothing wrong with that.

    • True, and that's perfectly understandable if they choose that. However, it's also perfectly understandable if someone has different preferences. There's a subtle line between having standards and being shallow.

      Upon first glance, like one of the other users said, you cannot see a girl's personality. You find an attractive girl and date her to see if you two would click (if you're looking for a relationship anyway).

  • Biology

  • Men find most women attractive, they just talk about those ones since they tend to stick out more, since they look like the girls that would do it, and are obviously trying to get mens attention.

    • I agree. And I find it disgusting.

  • No offense but your guy friends sound like they're kinda douchey. I rarely talk like that. Saying things like "tap that" sounds really dumb. I'll say a girl is hot,pretty,cute,etc but I don't go around saying I want to f*** them. What you described sounds perfect. Fake bakes are gross, non blonde is just awesome because I love dark hair. Also on your actual question. Why are looks everything to girls?

    • Oh they are. Huge tools actually.

      Well if you're turning the question around, then I really don't know why. I honestly don't look at guys that way. Before I judge them, I have to get to know them. Sure, I might say that they're cute, but never on a "bangable" scale. That just sounds trashy. Girls always want what another girl can't have. Crazy huh. It's true.

    • Well you sound the same as me then. :D That sucks your guy friends are huge tools. lol How do you put up with them?

    • Haha, I'm quite different from a lot of people. Oh wow. I really don't know how I put up with them. . They treat me as if I'm one of the guys. I go out and go 4 wheelin' with them on occasions, sometimes car shows or street races. Irony! Haha.

  • u got the looks department covered so why worry? ;)

  • First off, a dude is only ever going to pursue a girl if he's attracted to her. Nuff Said.

    Second, super tan blond girls aren't everything. I've never dated a blond girl. They've all been brunnettes. Your guys definitely don't represent the majority... every guy has different tastes, and theirs are just fakey blond girls.

  • I don' t know, but looks are not EVERYTHING to me, I would rather get to know the person before I would get involved with her with anything. I think it is very sad that guys just judge girls on their looks if they would have sex with them or not. I am a guy, and I am never like that, I don't care how the girl looks, if she has an awesome personality and it super nice, that is when I know she is an awesome person and I could potentially see myself with her.

  • The first thing a guy notices is a females looks, it is not like we can 'see' your personality!

    Also for the whole fake and bake blonde thingie I actually prefer paler brunnettes myself (think Kary Perry mmmmhhh...)

  • Not true for me. I dated my girl when she was average looking becuase I loved her personality. Some thought she was cute, some thought she was ugly. Well, she blossomed into a very beautiful girl and dumped me because I wasn't hot enough for her.

    • Great personality.

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    • It did get to her head. We were together almost 4 years. I was her first EVERYTHING. It's been almost a year since we broke up. She moved back to her home city, I moved away and back to mine to start over. It was the hardest thing I've ever experienced emotionally ever in my life.

    • Oh wow. I bet. But it's better to get away to than to be reminded of a past that you just might never relive again. That's kind of how I think of my last relationship. He's about 30 minutes away from me and I have no reason to drive over there. So it's all good. I hate the fact that you're on anonymous! It would be so much easier to message!

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  • Sadly most guys and girls do go for looks but I think personality is so much more interesting than looks could ever be.

  • because most men are shallow and only care about looks to begin with.

    • Agreed. Pigs right? Haha.

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    • Haha. Trickster! But I'm constantly around guys. So it really is all I hear.

    • Hey I didn't say all men I said "most" men :P