Why are looks everything to guys?

Honestly guys, how many times have you ever said "she's cute, I'd tap that."? Or something along those lines. And how many have said "Naw bro. HELL... Show More

Alright, enough with this question. I'm done with it.

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  • Everyone says "look aren't everything to them, and I'm the perfect guy, why aren't you with me". But obviously enough guys act like this, and your right. Guys say this stuff in public about how much ass they get and how they want to f*** that girl with the fat ass. and the Asshole guys truly mean it, and truly live by it. They get what they want, use girls, who in turn lose trust in every male.

    The guys go along with it, because the go who stands up and says "come on bros, don't treat women like that", doesn't find him self going out with his 'friends'. Obviously everyone is different but as far as the type of guy you are talking about, I find this to be the case.

    Real men, might catch himself looking at you and smiling but he wants to fate the person you are, not the person you look like.

    But in this artificial world we live in, the better you look the longer we catch ourselves staring. But that doesn't make you (not you specifically) a better women..

    P.s the little tanning bed princess you are describing is definitely any type of women I would be interested in.

    • * I would not be interested in... sorry big difference