Revealing clothing - mini skirts?

A while back there was a question posted by a guy who was essentially asking if girls realized how guys looked at girls in mini-skirts. He seemed to imply that mini-skirts were almost too sexy or something like that.

Well I've never considered them to be that big of a deal, but the question made me realize they might be to most males. I wear them a lot, but usually with leggings and I was wondering if that's still the same issue even if the skirt is worn with leggings?


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  • The more you show of your body or the more you wear that accentuate the body the more attractive it is.

    simple as this really . But you wear what you want and peope will think what they want. Every body has legs... every body has penises and breasts also .

    Men don't get turned on ''on purpose'' just to intimidate women to dress difirently . If you wear something that gets people attention then it is what it is.

    what I am trying to say is that it looks very dumb to a man when a women expects them not to be attracted to parts of her body... men ARE BUILT this way . We don't get attracted to intimidate you or make year life difficult in any way . But we will look at you ... personally I will glance and appreciate year beauty because I am a man.. but I will not stare or gawk. If you are hot I will wish you were mine. And not every man looking at you while wearing a short skirt only thinks about sex with you . he might find you cute and funny but also marvel at your physical beauty so he is like seeing a complete attractive women from al aspects .

    Any man telling you other than that is lying or gay.

    Dont condemn men for how they are built.. we are not vultures ... be a smart girl... you can wear the sexiest clothes ... men will approach you... then charm them with your smile, your laugh... your bubly kind personality and your sincere care ... they will immediately label you as marriage material and feel they met the girl of their dreams.

    Have a lovely warm and happy life!


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  • Sometimes really short skirts can look slutty.

    I think they look cute with leggings though.

  • I always think shorts are more revealing than miniskirts. So I can't see 'up her shorts' but shorts leave little to the imagination anyway lol. Now that is too sexy, especially those tight demin shorts. Plus girls don't tend to wear leggings with shorts cos it looks weird, so more likely I get to see her legs too with shorts.

    • No wait, actually I have seen girls who wear legging with shorts. still hot though :)

  • what I don't get is why wear a miniskirt if ur gonna wear leggings with it. doesn't that defeat the purpose of the skirt. I mean. I've already heard the whole "well I don't like my legs" bit. so..why else would you do it

    • Well usually its because it's cold. It's not because of my legs. It's just a different look option.

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    • Before you try to help someone make sure that you're actually able to help.

    • And I am?

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  • It depends on your overall outfit.

    Like, for example, I'll wear a miniskirt with opaque black or white tights or lace tights (very in right now for a rocker look paired with boots because I don't think leggings are appropriate to wear under a miniskirt), with a cute top. But to balance out my legs being exposed, I'll wear a more conservative top. Not anything too shoulder, cleavage or midriff baring.

    Good luck.

  • When I wear mini skirts I wear booty shorts under the skirt and roll them up a little in case accidents happen, people won't be able to see anything under my skirt. But I don't think they're a big deal. It's jsut legs, everyone has them...

  • it depends on the skirt and how you wear it. I hate how its like you have to get a guys approval just to wear something these days I don't know where you're at but its hot as hell here like 96 degrees, what are we supposed to do walk around in burqas just so men don't get too horny looking at us? if you wear a skirt with leggings then it does take away the sexiness affect because you aren't showing bare legs and you're more covered

    • Now honestly, is a skirt that's just above or below the knee any cooler (temp wise) than one that's mid thigh?

      As to the leggins question...That's a good one! I wouldn't wear the look because I think it's too kid-like but I think it can be tastefully done but I wouldn't do it if it caused people to stare. Usually if guys are staring they're NOT thinking about Mother Teresa.....if you get my drift.

    • Lol I don't know if its cooler but it sure is more summery!