What's Her Style?

Guys would you rather want a girl who is blonde, not very intelligent but with massive boobs and very girly and shopping type.. ordeal ..

Or do you want a girl who you can game with, go outside, she's musical, smart, beautiful and not afraid to be herself...


I am actually neither. I prefer not to label myself as anything but myself.. but good try there. It's just interesting to show girls that they do not have to pretend to be something they're not.
If the answer is clear, why is it that guys are still attracted to them. This question was to merely prove a point, so all you people who think you're down right hilarious in proving a slightly obvious point... bravo I say to you. Gold star is in the mail


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  • Can I pick neither?

    • Cool. Thanks for the best answer

      But why did you give me the best answer out of everyone else?


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What Guys Said 4

  • I'll take # 2 any day.

  • I absolutely guarantee that you are type number 2. You really gotta work on the bias in your questions.

    • I am actually neither, if you had any idea who I was you would knaw that for yourself. I do not label myself, I am just merely trying to show girl that they do not have to put out in order to receive, its a sad world.

      But I appreciate you trying to define me seeing as how you have never met me. No hate.

  • does #1 even sound attractive to you? id take #2 anyday...

  • Girl number 2. Intelligence is a must.


What Girls Said 2

  • I just love questions that so obviously influence people to pick a specific answer... ;_;

    • Hmm.. that doesn't look like a helpful answer to me..

      Go bore someone else with your meaningless 'wit' even though they say sarcasm is the lowest form..

    • I agree @secondbestkiller

  • I love how you added blonde in the firstdescription. Blonde is always equalled to slutty and dumb and it ISNT true. I happen to be blonde and am not extremely dumb with big boobs and I love playing sports and going outside... So just think that next time. Not all blondes arestupid/slutty. You didn't even say a hair color in the 2nd description.