I feel attractive..but..

all my life I have been called ugly with the occasional pretty here and there. And all my life Iv loved the glamorous side of life, my family are competitive and Iv always watched my relatives give material things value...anyways Iv always loved clothes and my fashion sense isn't even that great but people notice that I wear nice clothes..buts its not really even nice clothes just casual. but I feel like I stand cause I have a very petite frame...i don't want people to think I am showing off and becoming a spendaholic...cause I am not loaded...and I don't even know why people should look at me twice cause I am short. and why do my family call me ugly etc and other people say I am sexy and whatever...i am so ugly cause I have bad skin in my body like us Asian women are hairy..and I have a bad forehead shape..i am pretty ugly.and I am so skinny and shot...


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  • i think being good looking is more mental than physical. people can tell you one thing, but if you get it set in yur mind something, that's all that really hits u. you can tell when you look at models and the less attractive people. models always stand with their chin high and have that look like they are better than everyone. they have it set in their mind that they are pretty. the less attractive, however, care less for how they look, how their posture looks, and so on. the way they think they look reflects on the way they actually look. from the way you described yur fashion sense, you care very much for the way you look. so don't worry about what one or two people are saying. confidence is where yur beauty comes through


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  • Is there a question in here?

    • Wel its more discussion

  • i really couldn't pick out the question...do you just want people to say your pretty or what?


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