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Sexy male names?

(Girls only) What male names are you attracted to?

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  • ScottMikeTreyAdamChrisCareyZach...these were chosen based on how they would sound when I said them in bed ha ha ;)

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  • TylerTalanCareyAlexLandonBlakeBrandonLondonJamesTristanKaseyStaceyNickDrakeKyleStephenand Edward which is a weird one..but in a hot way lol

    • ....so like every guys name? lmao

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    • What's wrong with the name Gary?

    • The name always makes me think of my bestfriend's ex boyfriend, and he was disgusting in every way possible....so now every time I hear the name gary I think of him and it freaks me out lol

  • harold frankfredmiltonharveymelvinstewartTHESE ARE NAMES I Hate! ANY OTHER IS FINE

  • Dylan, Lucas.

  • James, James, James and ONLY James. <3SOOO SEXY! like, RAWR :D

  • Mostly french on elike Jean-paul, Andre

  • Allex, Wiktor, Jacob, Damon, Lawrence.. xD

  • John.Vince.Daniel...and a bunch of european names.

  • lliam, tristan :)

  • Alejandro, Antonio, Alexander/Alex, Matthew / Matt and of course, Flavio :D

  • Jensen, Sam, Jacob, Alex, Matthew

  • Adderly ***ErnestoJadenConrad (nick name - Conner) Edward (Edward Norton and Twilight) ***Manuel (nick name - Manny) ***Kenneth (nick name - Kenny) ***Javier ~~~I love a good french name ;) ***

  • marquise, trey, will, justin, damien, diondre, devon, jazmere

  • Derrick , Fredrick, Seth, Sebastian

  • f*** face, assf***er, what else ummm, omg I love the name penis breath

  • i think Todd, Leo, and Kayden are really hot names lol

  • JaysonChaseKyu HyunDominic Alex

  • Nick David Josh JacobMaxMarkMattAlexanderConnorEdwardChanning

    • Oh yeah.., david!!

    • Lol :]

  • AlexanderAshtonDylanDamienDaytonEdwardJesseJimmyJulianLoganNathaniel

  • AlexDevinJonathanLiamLoganMatthewPeterSebastianTravisTylerZachary

    • Plus +1 for my name being in there.

    • Booyah tyler!

  • BernardoFredericoGustavoRobertoEnricoAlexanderRicardoAugustoPedroFelipeLucasRaulAdrianoCelsoAlbertoHenriqueVictor:D

    • Are you hispanic?

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    • The weirdest part is that you made this comment just before you leave this site...

    • I guess that comment was for me lol I'm sorry, I think I knew you were brazilian but didn't know what ethnicity by exact... I don't know but I'm more on the celtic/germanic side of naming people :P

  • LukeRylandTristenTravisNoahNathanBradleyNikoWadeKyle Nick

  • Antonio Fernando...i used to like a guy with this namebrandon...a lot of brandons tend to be good looking

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