For all you who dare to dye your hair!

I've taken 2 years to get my hair to my natural color (med. brown) today I had the itch...just wanted to dye the bangs area a lighter shade of brown. I BOUGHT a dark blond quick at home color type thing, and I ended up with a strawberry blond type of looks pretty nice, but seeing it now, I want to go a few shades long can I wait, or should I wait before attempting to lighten again? I tried googling, but too many mixed answers...and I know my girls here on g.a.g. will help me out fa sho...


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  • a few days would be enough


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  • i'd give it about two days.

    • I love how you're a man answering're amazing.

    • Lol, Thank you, I think. I just thought I would offer my opinion cause I dyed my hair blonde. And it didn't go right the first time so I had to do it again.

    • So, Yeah thanks.

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  • I tried to bleach it lightly once when I went way dark with my hair dye. but I'm quite skilled at it because my friend's a hair dresser and we've been doing hair for a long time since high school or before...

  • if you're lightening your hair, you need to wait at least a week, two if you can...the process fries your hair pretty badly and if it's your bangs we're talking want to make sure they stay as healthy as possible.