What is a girl's view of this?

this is really embarrassing, but for a fundraiser for our school some of the guys dressed like girls for a pageant on stage for whoever wanted to support our fundraiser. well the other night I got a text from one of my girlfriends, and she just randomly said you know, I thought you looked really cute at that pageant and ended it with a smiley face. then this morning I had a text and she said she would like to dress me up. I was thinking wtf is wrong with her. but she's a really good friend of mine. what do you honestly think I should do?


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  • Just ignore it. She might just be yanking your chain.


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  • Thats strange.

    Maybe she's just playing with you..

    I wouldn't do this, I'd do it to wind a guy up but they'd be aware of whether I was serious or not..

    Be jokey with her if you're uncomfortable with it. Say something like

    "Wth, Seriously? :P You know I don't go round dressing like a girl on a regular basis, so I'll give it a miss but I know where to go if I do decide I like myself better dressed as a female :)"

    Or, if you don't mind and want a laugh, go ahead!

  • shes just joking around lol


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  • Wow, that's embarrassing. No comment.