Pretty in a classy way or trashy way?

I have been told I was pretty in a classy kind of way. And I kind of think so when I look in the mirror. But then I see pictures of hollister girls and models and even some girls and they are pretty in a trashy looking kind of way. If that makes sense. I don't say they ARE trashy but maybe they just look generic, I don't know. And example to me of pretty in a classy way is audrey hepburn, or reese witherspoon; An example to me of pretty in a trashy looking way is like Jessica Simpson (I know everyone loves her and I am sorry but she looks so fake),But I am wondering which you like better out of the two?

i left out an important thing. I am asking because a lot of the trashy way girls I think are really pretty or "hot" as guys say, but I don't know if guys like it because they look kind of fake, classy prettiness is more hidden to me.


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  • I don't think that a trasy look is fake at all.

    I think that a fake look is fake.

    When I think of the "trashy" look, I think of the girls in the band The Donnas. They are not fake looking at all. But they are not what you would refer to as being part of the "classy" look. Classy to me means classic by the way.

    So when talking about Jessica Simpson and the like, just call them what they, fake.

    That way, when the media glorifies them, you'll be in the right mind frame. If more people could think that way, they wouldn't compare themselves to the fake. Because you can't compare fake to real, no matter what real looks like.


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  • I never saw Jessica Simpson as pretty. If I can be honest my hollywood crushes are girls like Mandy More and Jen Aniston. So I'm definitely a classic beauty kind of guy.

  • I like the classy version of "pretty". I gauge classic beauty by imagining the person in a different time frame, like the 30's or 60's. to me that's classy "pretty"


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  • From what I have heard in real life and from what I have read on here, guys prefer classic beauty because as soon as you say "trashy" - I am thinking "whore", "slut". By saying this, I am not claiming any names on you by any means. All I am trying to say is that trashy gives a girl a bad image and even though guys like it, you'll be attracting the wrong types aka jerks who'd just want to get into your pants.

    I think that if you are being told that you are classically pretty, then stay that way. Plus consider yourself lucky to be pretty in a classy sense because you won't get the wrong attention. So speaking from a personal view, don't go trashy, just stay classy.

    • Haha thanks that last bit reminds me it could be a slogan "don't be trashy, stay classy"

  • you're too conservative. if you think hollister models and even jessica simpson are "trashy" then that tells me all i need to know. if you were gonna say a girl is pretty in a trashy way i would think you'd say strippers/mens magazine models. but hollister models look very all American and jessica simpson is pretty tame. so if you think they are trashy then you might be frumpy. a lot of frumpy women think that any woman who embraces her natural sexuality and is girly is trashy.

    audrey hepburn was popular in the 1950s, she was even prudish compared to other 50s starlets like marilyn monroe or even betty grable. and reese witherspoon has 0% sex appeal at all, she's like a matronly soccer mom.