What Physical Features Make An Attractive Guy?

What do you like and what do you think MOST girls like?

(big, tall, skinny, muscley, black, white, hairy, androgynous, etc.)

Please answer if you are female between the ages of 18 and 25.

Thank you!

Are guys between 5ft10 and 6ft1, smallish build (small boned), but reasonably toned, slender body attractive?

Sort of like the guy in the link below. I really want to know what girls think of this build. :)



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  • Obviously, every girl is different, but for me I am most attracted to guys that are tall (I'm 5'7"), athletic-build (not insanely muscular...that's just gross lol), and have dark hair. I also personally find metro guys unattractive; no shaved chests/arms or faux tans for me!

    Again, that's just my opinion...every girl has her own!

    • Whats a "faux tan" and what is "insanely muscular" can you give an example? what would tyler lautner be

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    • To quote you "he has a nice build but he's too "pretty boy." I'm confused tyler lautner has a wash board six pack, you said you didn't like that. just curious why would you not want to date some one with a wash board stomac

    • Oh ha ha I guess I was going off of pics with his shirt on...

      Like I said, washboard abs look nice, but they don't...well...feel nice lol I like a guy that's slightly toned but running your hands down a guy's washboard stomach feels just like that: a washboard. I'd prefer not to laundry, thank you.

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  • taller than 5'9, dark-haired, great eyes and smile, reasonably in shape, toned or athletic build, but most of all awesome personality, nice, funny, and sweet

  • taller than me, short hair but long enough so that I can run my fingers through it (no product in hair), athletic body type not buff but normal, good sense of humor, intelligence , laid back

    most girls like : tall, fit, nice smile, funny, smart, and not an asshole

  • tall, muscular (all over, arms, abs, chest etc.), nice smile, pretty eyes, and a good haircut

  • Tall, dark hair (few guys can be attractive and blonde), amazing eyes, muscular build but not super ripped, great smile, confidence. But me personaly: make me laugh and I'll be yours forever. Your personality is far more important to me.

  • Not everyone likes the same body type.

    I like 5'10" to 6' with big muscles but a reasonable amt of body fat.

    Dark hair and handsome with a fairly large nose.

    Hairy almost to the point of furry. But srsly back hair would turn me off.

    Of French descent or in combination would be lovely, but not a strict requirement.

  • Tall, nice hair, nice smile, good build body.. not to thin, chubby or muscly. Mostly after a good personality and can make me laugh.

  • trust me personality matters the most! but I'll ans your que. tall guys with average build !


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