I think black girls are MUCH better looking than white girls!

Hispanics and Asians aside

If there were NO rude, unnecessary, and wrong stereotypes against black women, then I THINK that men wouldn't have so much hesitation when they consider dating us...

I've seen so many racist comments on here AGAINST black people, so I'm coming back at you guys with my OWN biased opinions then.

White women can be beautiful, no doubt. But the average white woman is so plain and boring looking.

They all have the same type of hair. And they all seem to want to be blond. You guys don't age well worth a sh*t. Their skin deteriorates starting at like 25.

Sometimes I can see their veins through their skin...eww. Red/rashy skin...

And then the worst part is that they think by virtue of being a white girl, that they should have the world handed to them. I mean, even the ugly and uneducated ones think that they're entitled. That mentality makes them SO ugly.

They think that doors should be held for them all the time. They're so used to getting what they WANT because they were raised by white mothers who were given what they wanted by law ans tradition (slave times). It's SO annoying.

Anyway, BLACK WOMEN ARE SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL. (I'm of course taking into account that there are unattractive people of every race).

We have SO many beautiful skin tones, ranging from light, to dark dark ebony. Don't white girls only come in like, 3 shades? Yeah. *yawn*

We can rock every hairstyle in the book, from pin straight, to braids, to dreads.

WE AGE SO MUCH BETTER. Melanin is not a curse. It gives the skin more elasticity, so we're still beautiful into our 70s WITHOUT BOTOX. My mom is 57 and she looks not a day over 40. Real talk.

We have beautiful and NATURAL curves. Our hips, our legs, our butts. COME ON. Our lips. So much more aesthetically pleasing than that thin and white prototype the beauty industry likes to perpetuate.

There's so much more variety in our race, as far as looks go.

Yes you will find ugly, stupid, loud, ridiculous people of EVERY race. But I'm tired of coming on here and seeing black girls being dissed by all these internet nobody's. It's so hard to read through all the men who are like "yeah, I'd never date a black girl."

So I wrote this one for US.

We are smart, much more beautiful, professional, talented, we're just awesome.

And if you choose to discard the ENTIRE race based off a few bad encounters with a black woman, or because of stereotypes, or because of some movie or music video you watched, then I feel sorry for you. I really do.

My white co worker (male) said to me he'd rather date a black woman because he acknowledges that most white girls dress, act, and look the same.

ANDDD like I said in the beginning, white women can be very gorgeous. And this is not some racist rant. It;s just a blunt and rude awakening.

Michelle Obama > every other first lady.


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  • I can understand your hurt by people’s comments on here, but this really isn’t the right way to go about it, racisms fought with racism is not going to achieve anything. I think it’s mostly to do with stereotypes which is the reason guys are put off black women, I think it serves as a kind of prejudgement on them before actually getting to know them there self., after all it doesn’t take much to corrupt people’s minds, all they need is influence really.

    I live in Europe and most the time guys don’t really seem put off by a women simply based on her being black. In fact id never actually heard of the majority of stereotypes about black women until a few years ago, all the black women I know and have met here don’t resemble the stereotype whatsoever. Personally skin colour would not be much an influence in who I believe is attractive, I could like someone that is as light as day to as dark as night. There are plenty of white women who are gorgeous. I also think black women are beautiful too. Despite stereotypes though, I don’t think some people would likely change their opinion on what they consider attractive, its almost as silly as saying every single guy has one idealistic standard on beauty and anything else after that comes second. I can find one girl from one race really attractive and another girl from the same race just as attractive but she may look completely different, so really I don’t find black girls any more attractive than any other race of girl, yet they are just as beautiful as any. A girls skin colour would nto be a deciding factor for me to choose what women I liked or not, id leave that to decide for myself, stigmas an’t what I focus on.

    But what's this about white women don’t age well, that's simply not true anyone who doesn’t take care of themselves is not going to look good regardless, my mother is 53 and has no wrinkles on her face whatsoever, my mother never had the “world handed to her” simply because she was white in fact she never had a harsh life you wouldn’t believe and my family have no heritage of being slave owners so tis not fair to say all white people do, I find that quite offensive and I don’t see it as right to have a say in how someone elses life is run.

    This thing about black women being the most diverse yet they all have natural curves, is a bit contradicting because your suggesting they are all the same yet somehow diverse. I know that's not true because I have seen black women without these features and white women with these features. It depends on the girl, black women are more diverse than this set look which I happen to find very attractive on them but I also like black women who are thin. If you would liek to talk about this send me a message.

    good luck

    • Totally agree. your just as racist in this rant than all those people your stereotyping.

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    Nah... I disagree.

    ""We have beautiful and NATURAL curves. Our hips, our legs, our butts. COME ONNNN. Our lips.""

    I don't like any of that.

    "We are smart, much more beautiful, professional, talented, we're just awesome."

    I think there are smart and dumb people from every race. You're not more beautiful or more talented or more awesome.

    I think if a white woman wrote a story like this saynig how they're better than blacks, the white women would be called a racist.

    • Too bad no one cares what you think. AHHHHHH.

      No black woman would dare write this in a book. Let's be serious. Maybe had we not been, YOU KNOW, enslaved by your ancestors probably, then our advantage and sympathy when it comes to race wouldn't exist.

      Yet another thing that is at the fault of the white race. Face it.

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    • I love this girl!! Even though I don't know her, but she knows her stuff and what you're saying is true. This guy is just mad because he couldn't pull a black chick with his best game haha

    • This is racist

  • Wow. I didn't even get half way through this.

    Just to make it clear, I love the ladies of every race.

    That said, you ain't no lady. Proclaiming your supposed superiority is both rude, and an outright generalization.

    Your attitude is why men don't want you, not your race.

    • She never said anything about superiority, every thing she said was true

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    • So you intentionally misrepresent yourself? What's the point of that besides trolling, which in and of itself is rather pathetic.

    • I'm not misrepresenting myself. This post is indeed a part of my psyche, and everything I think and said here is how I think sometimes. So no. It's not like I decided to be someone else and then post this. And this was just a vent. So now that I got it all out, I can go on living as a normally would, FREE from petty internet disagreements.

  • well first of all, assuming both races are equally attractive (as it should be), simply by playing the odds, you would fine a higher quantity of hot white girls. solely based on the fact that white people outnumber black people in this country. furthermore, it is so damn ignorant to fight racism with racism...u are no better then the rest of them. that being said, I do agree with "And then the worst part is that they think by virtue of being a white girl, that they should have the world handed to them. I mean, even the ugly and uneducated ones think that they're entitled."

  • whoa I agree with everything, but Eleanor Roosevelt > every other first lady...

    P,s don't take it personally there are sh*tty people everywhere, but there are many more good people. Black girls are sexy, but its not about race, its about the person

  • Haha. You know, we have laws against drunk driving in the USA, right? Yet there's about 1.3 million dui's a year in the USA, and that's just the people that get caught.

    People do what they want to do, no matter what others tell them. If we white guys thought black girls were attractive and had decent personalities, we would date them. We don't find black women attractive or their personalities pleasant, so we don't date them. Date black guys, you'll be fine.

    • BTW, 80% of all black women in the USA are overweight or obese, according to the Office of Minority Health. minorityhealth.hhs.gov/.../content.aspx?ID=6456 Stop being so damn fat, try being sweet and nice and feminine, and maybe black guys won't thinking dating in their race is so bad.

    • If your white girls would stop chasing our black men, maybe we would.

  • This is one of the truest things that I have ever read on the internet, because for the most part the internet is filled with ignorant idiots who think that their opinion is the "be-all and end-all" of the world. I agree with every point you made and I am white...I find black women much more attractive and would love to date one. White girls get old in terms of their looks...it's always the same old thing. I am glad to see someone take such a strong and well-thought out stance.

  • as far as I know generally there is no difference in aging and I grew up in a neighborhood that was mostly blacks and hispanics other than that I aggree I hate that so many black girls are straighting thier hair these day. I actually usually don't find white girls attractive but I do like black and asian girls and that includes black hispanic girls. although understand that some people just usually don't find black girls atractive just like I usually don't find white girls attractive

  • You go, sister.

  • Staying out of this one

  • You're not ugly because you're black. You're ugly because you have an awful ignorant and prejudice attitude. About as gross as a person can be. Saying black women are more beautiful is as stupid as saying they are less beautiful. It's pretty fucking stupid.

    Ignorance is just as ugly no matter what skin color is spouting it.

  • White girls are overrated! I think Indian/Middle Eastern girls are so much better.

  • this is so true I'm white but black girls are so much better than white girls

  • "And for every guy who doesn't like black women, there are about 100 that do. You're the one missing out, not us"

    No.. you are missing out. I see many black girls on this site not being able to get any. I'm not missing out on anything.

    Also, why did you bring rhianna and beoyncey into this? I know girls In real life that are a lot more beautiful than any celebrities. Even white ones.

    You wouldn't have posted this if you weren't angry about something to do with your skin color. It's like you're trying to convince people black people are great... What's up with that?

    You also said someone had a pin d***? That's not an argument. That's based on nothing. He could have a large d*** for all you know.


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  • As an educated, non-entitled white girl, I found this post very generalized, stereotypical, and offensive. Yes, there are racist/rude comments about people of every race on here... but do you really want to stoop down to that level? My best friend is a black girl and I look at her no different than any of my white friends (and vice versa). Any women can style her hair the way she wants, regardless of how many "shades" she comes in. Every person is beautiful in their own way, and as a woman I felt it necessary to comment on this post. Don't we, as woman, get enough criticism day to day about how we're not "good enough"? Society, media, commercials, they all give us an idea of how we should look. Skinny, no wrinkles, perfect hair, perfect makeup... no matter what the race. We don't need criticism woman-to-woman too. People, especially woman are very self conscious about their looks, so I found it demeaning that this post (which was clearly written out of spite and hatred) would target people in such a disgusting way. The world is already filled with so much hate and evil. Please don't add onto it. Give love, not hate.

  • You;re fighting racism with racism. You're fighting hate with hate. You're putting a stop to "insults" and "bias" with more insults and bias. I hope you are pleased with yourself.

    I am Asian but I’m not gonna stand by and see you throwing ridiculous comments like that. If you’re truly confident in yourself as a black girl you wouldn’t feel the need to insult white girls and make so many rude comments like that- period. SO how about we work on that first?

    Kudos to AnonymouslyUnknown. That is one Anonymous person who has made a really true statement.

  • What is this supposed to accomplish? The people who say all those negative things about black women are the ones who feel the strongest, that doesn't mean they're the majority. The people who are indifferent are less likely to say anything at all. You're not going to change any negative views with this post, you're just perpetuating the negativity. I don't see how the other rants are racist, but this one is a blunt and rude awakening. They're all just opinions and stereotypes.

    Anyone who thinks black women can't be attractive hasn't looked hard enough. The same goes for any race. You miss out on a lot when you group everyone together.

  • I honestly couldn't give two shits if people don't find me attractive, especially if it's due to the colour of my skin.

    The way you went about this, won't achieve much. If you thought you were proving a point, you've more than likely done much the opposite.

    I agree with you that black women are beautiful, no one can catch my eye like a black woman can. I'm damn near obsessed.
    Do I feel it necessary to put down other races? Nah... does nothing for me.
    People on this site have to learn not to generalise so much, it immediately invalidates your argument.

  • I don't care what you guys say she may have come off a little too blunt ,but I understand everything she's saying.Now everyone wants to go "oohhh you can't say that about white people that's RACIST!" but when I see racist comments about black people on here(ALL THE TIME) where are these defenders then? Whether you agree with how she said it or her fighting racism with racism, the fact is someone needed to say it and frankly its the damn truth, people go around acting like white and lighter skinned people are just absolute beauties and they are not I live around them and I just don't understand and call me racist but most are average looking some are very pretty of course but that rule goes with every race.But you flatter them and put a black girl down, and for who ever said even black men are more attracted to white girls, here in p.a black men go through white girls like socks then have long lasting relationships with black women. Observe sometime.

  • Its silly to make sweeping generalizations like that even though you are frustrated with people bashing black women all the time. I understand your frustration. I have gotten saddened in the past by it too, but then I stop and think to myself that the select few people that do bash black women are people that mean nothing to me so I don't let their words rattle me. Two wrongs never make a right.

    There are both beautiful and hideous women of every race as you said. If you want people to really appreciate the beauty of our race then I suggest you don't bash other races or try to make black women look better that way. Rise above it and be classy. Racism goes both ways. In its essence racism is saying that one race is better than another for various reasons and this is what you are saying so actually this is a racist rant.

    I don't really compare myself with white women or women in general...ever. Why should I? We have completely different features so its silly to compare a collection of people that way. I suggest women should get our self confidence from within and consequently that will manifest itself as beauty. Why concern yourself with other people so much? It does nothing to help you. Deep seeded anger is what makes people ugly to me. It rarely has much to do with the color of their skin, or the texture of their hair, etc.

  • Um I kinda think that's really really rude... why can't EVERY race have equally beautiful women?

  • Thank you. Someone gets it.

  • I'm so glad you said it! I love being a black woman and wouldn't change a damn thing about it! Everything you said is nothing but the truth that's why you got people so mad! People get mad when they hear the truth. We get put down so much but STILL shine like a light. I don't give a damn about what other races have to say because it's funny how people can talk all this sh*t about black women and no one will get angry, but when you flip the script and talk sh*t about other women and lift black women up then they wanna be upset. Oh well. There is a reason why the media only hypes unattractive black women and ignores beautiful black women...because no one can compare to a bad black chick and they know this. So yeah I'm waiting for the thumbs down and angry comments but I won't reply anyway

  • Even though it comes off as racist, I can understand how she feels.

    People wonder why black women are so angry. You would be angry to if you always feel as though the world is against you. It's hard to understand if you're not a black woman.

    We black women have to endure so much. It's actually surprising that black women statistically have the lowest suicide rate because a lot of women of other races have given up on life for a lot less. I think most people understand that black women bear the brunt of stereotypes and racism, but everyone eles is glad they aren't the "whipping-boy" so they make light of the situation.

    And as for slavery thing. You people are freakin' heartless. I never talk about slavery but I do notice how a certain type of people make it a forbidden topic of discussion. Many white people always say "My ancestors didn't own any slaves". Okay, so whose ancestor's owned slaves then? We know white people today are against slavery and shouldn't be held responsible for something they didn't even do, but is it really that hard to acknowledge that your ancestors owned slaves? Is it really that hard to talk about it? Yes it's in the past but if you forget the past you are likely to repeat the same mistakes.

  • I'm a Latina girl and I hate acist people. I think you could have said this way differently to make a point. the majority of what you said are opinions, not facts. as far as the smart thing.. I really don't mean to be mean, but let's face it, quite a handful of African Americans are a bit less educated. again, I'm saying many NOT ALL. I don't understand why you would post all this nonsense. when I was in high school about 90% of the black girls there yelled at you if you did or said somehing they didn't like and if hey bumped into you they expected YOU to apologize. they were generally loud as well.don't you think how you acts may be the reason people don't want to date you or talk to you? or do you automatically assume people are racist for having a certain preference or for liking what they can't help? also, they felt entitled to everything because their ANCESTORS were slaves. people like you just bring up the slavery card when it's to your benefit. I also think the whole slavery thing was disgusting and all, but come on. oh and as to the hair thing.. black girls are actually more limited when it comes to hairstyles and things like that. I'm not trying to insult black women, not at all. don't take it that way.

    but you've stated a lot of absurd things that are simy opinions. are biased, and are out of anger. like I said, evaluate how you act and speak.. that may be one of the main reasons why certain people won't want to date you.

  • your seriously a dumb f***ing bitch.

    you can think w/e you want.

    this makes you sound so stupid and racist. which is totally hypocritical of the point you were tyring to make.

    your also generalizing in your own race. not all black women are curvy some are just as scrony and bony as some white chicks.

    • Hmm a lot of anger there.Over the ignorance of racism and such I suppose? again I ask where are you when this 'racism' (which is really just opinion) is dealt the other way around? because I have not seen any comments as fiery as yours defending black people.

  • This is a racist bitch who is obviously bitter that she has to be black.

    And I'm sorry, but really? You are dragging slavery into this? God, I can't even argue with you because you are so goddamn dumb.

    If you are just trollin, props to you. You have trolled well.

    • I don't THINK it's a troll, but if it is, it's a troll with a lot of conviction.

  • Instead of saying how one race is better than another, why not just say that it's unfair that black people are still treated like 2nd class citizens in this day and age? It's not about who's more attractive or smarter...that's not what your problem is...your issue is that you feel inferior because of the way black people are treated in the US. Is it unfair? of course it's unfair and I wish we were all equal...but your post does not present or support the argument you are trying to make.

  • I'm really embarrassed as a black girl. You've made yourself look like an idiot and you're racist. Sorry guys, we're not all like this!

    • Unfortunately for you, it's the ones like this that get the most attention. Even more unfortunately for you, it's the ones like this who make the stereotypes. Despite what QA might suggest, we know that everybody is different.

    • I fail to see how she looks like an idiot, she stated her opinion.It's not a matter of intelligence but of personal thought.

    • True, Anonymous. :) So sorry y’all have to be disgraced by raging people like this

  • So basically, you're going to turn around and be racist about white people? You said it's not a racist rant, but my hell, if it's not racist, it's awfully rude. Is it really necessary to diss on every other thing just to prove something? Do you REALLY need to point out all the bad things about us andn beat us down? If you don't like it, why do you do it to other people?


    But I do agree that black women are absolutely gorgeous a lot of the time; every time I see a black woman I just want to compliment her skin tone since a lot of the time, it's just smooth and looks lovely.


    • That rant was 100% true

    • Perhaps but isn't it a bit hypocritical to cry racist then whip around and put down another color/wtfever to build your own into a god? I understand saying, "Oh black women have beautiful skin." But does that mean every negative comment about white people should be tossed in there? True or not that doesn't mean you should try your hardest to make people feel ashamed for what they can't help; though I'm sure it wasn't intended like that, it stings a little bit.