Why is my husband looking at other women?

Is my husband satisfied with me? When we're together he keeps looking at other women and when I asked him why, he keeps telling me he was just wondering what there nationality is. Is he telling the truth? I am an asian and he keep looking specifically at asian women.


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  • Guys will look occasionally and women too. It doesn't mean he's window shopping but he shouldn't be so obvious that it becomes hurtful. Just make sure you're not so conscious of it that you suspect him when it's not happening. Maybe you can get a friend to tag along sometime and confirm what you are sensing.


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  • Is he not asian?

    Most asian have jealous problems. That is base on my experience. I can speak such facts due to I am asain my self as well.

    for man to look at other female is quite normal. Just don't stop him in the public. That will really tick him off

  • I dunno, have you tried talking to him about it? Maybe he doesn't know that he is doing it. If you want a stronger relationship, talk to him about it and tell him how you feel.

  • All guys are like that. Maybe we we're not meant to be with one girl for a very long period. Aarriage is for guys who settle to be with one girl only.


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  • What kind of look does he have on his face? If he's drooling or has a stupid grin on his face, he's not checking out her nationality. If he just looks curious, maybe he's telling you the truth.

  • DO IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ummm, to be honest, what does it matter to him what their nationality is? I think he is just lying to use that as an excuse to look at other women but he doesn't want to be straight up with you. He probably just said that because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. As my boyfriend once told me "you're not the only cute girl in the world" (he caught hell from me for this statement, even if he believes that, then he should keep it to himself, even if it is true)...