Why can't he stop looking?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for over year. We are in love and where going to be married before our problems escalated. I don't know if I'm over reacting or if he really is wrong. He loves looking at other women. He'll watch p*rn, look at nude pics, he download videos of sexy celebrities, the you tube videos with pics! Hell look at girls on the street, never with me doe. I tell him it bothers me and that it makes me feel less sexy, he says he's sorry and that hell stop but soon as I think were OK he's back to doing it all the time. I don't understand! I feel like he doesn't care enough to stop but I know he loves me to death. Its beginning to be a serious strain in our relationship. I just need to know why he just can't stop? PLEASE


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  • I know exactly how you feel! I had the same problem with my boyfriend. I asked him to stop said he would then back at it but lying to me about it and I knew he was. so I started telling him how he is such a great boyfriend and this and that made him feel so guilty he ever did that to me. Now he actually has stop and finally can take notice of how I've up'd my game that he don't even regret stoping. I let him know of what a great girl I am and how if he doesn't stop the behavior he will lose it all and that just bout killed him. now I have him all to myself and were having a wonderful relationship.


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  • Men are going to look wheather you like it or not. The fact that he doesn't do it around you means he respects you and the relationship.

    Now, HE IS disrespecting you by watching p*orn and looking at nude pics. That might be OK for an average BF/GF couple. But this man is marrying you (meaning making a commitment), place your foot down and let him know this WILL NOT be tolerated.


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  • Honey, this guy is young. Just because he looks at nude women does NOT mean he doesn't love you. What MATTERS is that you tell him it bothers you and he ignores your requests to stop. That is disrespectful to you and your relationship. But this is part of his immaturity. He may stop in front of you but he will continue behind your back. You either have to accept what he does or leave him. I do not believe he will stop. Sorry. He is addicted. He may outgrow it in a couple of years - but if this is a dealbreaker for you - nothing will change. Hugz.