Stretch marks!!!

Well this can be a bit embarrassing but I have a bit of stretch marks in the thigh area due to me loosing and gaining a booty. I would do sports and then stop which messed with my skin and created the stretch marks...So does anyone know a way to prevent or cure them? Your knowledge would be truly helpful, thanks.


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  • I don't remember the name of the product, but there is something new out there that makes the claim of slowly reducing stretch marks to finally all gone. Sweetie, if there is a girl your age out there that doesn't have stretch marks, then finding her would be more difficult than finding the proverbial needle in a haystack----ALL GIRLS HAVE STRETCH MARKS somewhere on her.

    As I've said many times, the only guys who would be shocked to see a girl with stretch marks is a virgin who has been beating off to Playboy, Penthouse or some other girlie magazine. They don't realize those photos have been edited so that the model's skin look absolutely perfect. All of her stretch marks have been erased!

    Any guy who gets you naked is not going to be concerned about seeing stretch marks on your thighs unless he's a virgin and you are his first girlfriend (because he has never seen a real life girl before in the nude). He's going to be so happy to get you naked, he probably will not even notice they exist. I'm telling you, here and now, do not worry about your stretch marks.


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  • Check it out:


  • Just be glad you have legs, and do what you can to become less concerned with trifling imperfections. If God wants your legs to be healed, he will provide a means, in due course. Have faith my child. ;)

    • Lol you are correct, thanks

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  • I have stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs and I used to have some around my breast but now they seem to have diminished. I used to be self conscious of it but now I kinda like them. It makes me unique. As for a cure, there isn't one, some diminish over time. But don't be ashamed. Own who you are, and love yourself. :)

    • I absolutely agree, thanks for raising the spirit

  • You can't really do a lot :/ BUT you can use this thing called Bio-oil, and it reduces the look of stretch marks

    • Thanks a lot, I will try out :)

    • Yeah I have a couple on my hip, and I rub it on sometimes. It makes your skin super soft and it does work. (also on scars) And no problem :)

  • i have had stretch marks and I have found out that drinking lots of water really help; it makes the skin more elastic and therefore when the skin stretches it won't tear and cause stretch marks. hope this helps

    • I had stretchmarks on my arms, chest, back of my knees, my stomach, and my hips. Since I started drinking a lot of water, all of them faded except a little around my hips and stomach.

    • Alrighty I will drink up lol

    • It will still take awhile though so you won't see results overnight