Getting fat

OK, here's the situation:

You've known a girl for 4 years, and she's always been pretty thin. She comes back after being away for many months, and you see her for the first time. She looks like she's gained 20lbs, and you can definately tell.

What would you think of her? Would you think she just let herself go? Would this disgust you, because it seems like she stopped caring for herself? Would it be a huge turn-off for a guy?

(She doesn't look like a mess or anything, she just looks bigger)

Say for example she went from 90lbs to 110 lbs, or 95 to 115, with height of 5'7.

Honest opinions please, you don't have to be nice.

Girls' opinions appreciated too.


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  • Well I'll say a bunch of things:

    - If you're 5'7" and only 95 pounds, chances are I'm not extremely sexually attracted to you. I might find you extremely beautiful because at that size, a girls' bone structure tends to really show and sharp faces are beautiful. But your body is probably just too skinny for me to find very sexually attractive as there you are probably extremely skinny. I mean obviously I could be sexually attracted to you, but I would most likely see you as youthful and beautiful before seeing your sexual beauty.

    - If you're 5'7" and 115 pounds, you're a pretty normal slim girl, it's hard to say whether you'd be very attractive. Maybe you gained it as just flabby fat because you ate more, in which case you're just average. Maybe you gained it as part of growing up and so you got hips and breasts, well then you're more attractive. If you played sports and gained it as toned muscle and suddenly you had a really nice butt, then that would be extremely sexually attractive.

    - The most attractive girl I have ever met was 5'7" and weighed 130 pounds. She was on a low-carb diet and was a dancer and a swimmer, so she exercised a lot. She literally looked like she came from a Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine or something. She had a lot of lean muscle on her so her body was incredibly curvy (think Jessica Biel) and she was also pretty limber, thanks to her lifestyle. However, most 130 pound girls won't be in such excellent physical condition and therefore won't be as attractive. But in this case, this girl was super hot.

    Weight is not something that guys think about. We look at the entire package. Numbers can try to tell the story all they want but all they can tell about the story is the beginning and the end. They can't tell any of the important stuff about what happened in the middle (did the girl gain the weight healthily, did she do it as all flab, was it just part of growing up, etc). As another example: if someone said that a guy is 5'10" and 160 pounds, well that doesn't really tell you how hot he is, does it?

    Just be honest with yourself (if this girl is you, that is) and ask yourself how you gained the weight, what you were doing, and if you became more healthy (gained it as a result of exercise), became less healthy (just by sitting around), or gained it just by growing up. Be honest! You can answer this question better than any of us can.


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  • "...r 95 to 115, with height of 5'7."? I'd say she now looks ALMOST healthy! 95lbs at 5'7" tall! She must have looked like a famine victim. Even 115lbs for a girl 5'7" tall a way too skinny. She would way at least 125lbs.

  • I would not say anything, I bet she would look great though


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  • Everyones weight fluctuates so it's no big crisis for people to talk about. If anything they would think she looked good especially to be that height. There are some very mean people who might say mean things about the weight change but those are the people to ignore because their opinion doesn't matter. Especially if the girl is comfortable with herself. Guys like girls who are comfortable and confident. :)

  • Are you talking about anorexic girls healing from their disease?