Do tan lines look stupid?

I am just wondering your opinion on tan lines? Do they look stupid? Or do you hardly notice them at all? I have a tan line from where I was wearing a halter top bathing suit top. And when I see a tan line I assume the girl was purposely trying to get tan. But I wasn't I have just been out at the pool a lot. And when is ee a girl with a tan line they usually are the more preppy types (that's not a bad thing). And when my crush sees my tan line I don't want him to think I am some preppy girl who lays out in the sun getting tan because I'm not. So what do you think?


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  • Lol same thing happened to me depends how bad it looks,because mine is horrible and I hate it it does look like it.But I didn't think it was ganna b so bad goodness was I so wrong.

    • Haha yea they are pretty horrible. The only other option is to wear a strapless top, but knowing my luck it would fall off when I jumped in the pool.

    • Right but I didn't even wear a strapless that's how bad it was it was a normal shirt talk about slow..


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  • Depends on how dark/bad they are. When I look at someone with tan lines, I usually think "poor guy/girl" because there could be a million reasons as to why they got the tan liines they have, and lots of the reason are related to the fact that it was a misfortunate happening. So, to answer your question, it depends on how bad they are. If you feel like they seem stupid, just make sure to keep yourslef covered lol

  • i had really bad tan lines this summer because I was constantly outside. I wasn't trying to get tan, I was just hanging out outside. in some ways, it looks worse when girls don't have tan lines because that usually means they were in tanning beds trying really hard to get a tan. I don't find that nearly as attractive as someone with a natural tan.