What kind of outfit would suit me?

Okay here's the deal: I'm style illiterate. I can get by but usually I don't care because I prefer comfortable clothes to 'pretty' ones. Sometimes I want to look good though.

I'm slim, about 140lbs (63.5kg) and 5'7 1/2" (171.45cm). I have a 'pear' shape (hips are wider than shoulders), but I'm a 34C bra size. My hip measurement is about 38". I'm fine boned, but not petite or tiny, and I have really well toned legs.

My face shape is 'round' (which is a total pain in the but) and I have short, but well layered, brunette hair, with blue bangs. On the plus side my face has been described as 'very symmetrical' and when I wear make-up a certain way I've been told I look like a porcelain doll (I'm rather fair skinned with a pretty good complexion).

So what kind of semi-dressy outfit do you think would look good on me? Please keep in mind that I'm conservative by nature and don't want a look that would get me propositioned on street corners.


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  • Since you have wider hips I'd suggest an a line skirt or dress coupled with a top with detailing or print. Keep your lower half more neutral and accentuate your upper body to balance out the proportion.

    Wrap dresses are classy with a pair of pumps and when you wear a dress, wear nail polish to look more put-together.

    As for tops and bottoms, check out banana republic, mexx, laura, jacob (although only in canada and boston), Joseph, smart set, or rw&co for dressy stuff.

    since you have fair skin, most colours will work with you but keep it generally light. dark colours in the wrong palette will make you look drawn.


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  • I would say 1) sun dresses or 2) jeans with a top that goes below your hips. Someone already said it, but go to the Nordstrom website for a look.


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  • I think these would look good on you:


  • Nordstom's website has a dress section where you can select your body type and it gives recommendations on dresses that would look good on you... here's their dresses for the "pear" shape: link