Anyone have any suggestions where I could possibly wear this dress?


I got that dress as a gift specifically for this one occasion, but I landed up wearing something else because I didn't think it to be appropriate for it, really. It looks so much like a club dress to me, but the thing is, I'm not the type to go clubbing. It doesn't really interest me. I really do think it's a cute dress though, but I don't know really where I could possibly wear this dress. The only time I've worn it was when I took that picture. xD It feels like a waste to just leave it on a hanger...


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  • Little black dress=very versatile. You can wear it on a night out, either with friends or on a date. You could try adding a few more layers (i.e. a jacket, tights, that sort of thing) to make it a little more suitable to everyday wear. I wouldn't suggest wearing it anywhere too formal as the skirt is a little on the short side, but it might be a viable choice for a semi-formal banquet or reception of some sort. That's sort of a judgment call on your part.


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  • It is super cute, but yeah it doesn't look obviously like something you'd wear to church! lol Maybe when you go out to the movvieees add some shear tights under it or wear it with flats or boots?

    I would say to a club/semi-formal party?

  • You could put a bright cardigan over it and wear it to the mall or dinner.