Good Running Shoes?

Does anyone know of any good running shoes that don't slip on grass either wet or dry? I play a lot of pick-up football and am really quick so I hate it when my shoes cause me to slip (I know it's the shoes because if we play in a gym I never slip and can pretty much stop on a dime). I don't want to be the only person with spikes either, so do those baseball turf shoes work for grip on grass? Right now I have Under Armour Speed Proto and I slip A LOT!


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  • The best advice I can give you is to go to a local shoe store that offers a variety of hiking, sports and running shoes and spend some time with a sales person, describing what you have in your question. They'll have the best knowledge of what's in stock and what would work for you.

  • Not 100% sure on whether or not they're good for not slipping but asics are REALLY REALLY good for running!


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