What are small little things girls do that guys find cute?

Like, tripping, or "acting stupid" or what?


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  • Anything that makes us feel like a man and makes you feel like a women is sexy. I personally love to extend my hands when a girl wears high heels. I do it because I have heard from several girls a little support while wearing high heels is appreciated. I love it when a girl grabs my elbow and rest her head on my shoulder. I think every man loves it. I am very rigid. I have a strong personality. I find it uncomfortable to be silly but when a girl does it, oh man, its something. I make sure that she doesn't go too far to hurt herself and she makes me more flexible. I also like it when a girl just kisses me without asking, love it. I was going out with a girl last year and she would fix my hair with a little bit of spit. I don't know if other men will like it, but it was a huge turn on for me. When a girl teaches me something, its very sexy. A girl once showed my how to make a really nice looking a delicious chicken meal. I do it all the time now.

    I think you got the idea


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  • tripping isn't "cute" if it is someoe that the guy doesn't like he'll laugh. but if he likesthe girl he'll see if she's okay.

    acting stupid? how stupid? like extremely retarded no. but like fun stupid like outgoing spontaneous and funny? definately a yes.

    and most guys like girls who can laugh at themsleves when they mess something up. like if you stubble on words start jumbling up more words it is weird but it makes most guys laugh.

  • when girls know you are interested in them and they do that sexy walk right past you with their butt sticking out.


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