What do men think about your clothes?

so my boyfriend is very huggy kissy and ya know nice but I noticed if I dye my hair he says it looks stupid if I buy new clothes he says I look stupid I just showed em a hair cut I wanted and he said ...'eeehhh I don't know' ...so what gives because I know I don't look stupid lol


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  • Wanacot is right. He doesn't really think any of that stuff looks stupid, it just has to be his idea and with his permission. I'd fix that little problem real fast. It it's something to do with your body (clothes, hair, etc.) then you do what you want. I wouldn't suggest shaving your head lol but it's your body! The controlling types only back off when they realize that all of the stupid orders they're giving you are going in one ear and out the other. There's a big difference between, "hey I'd rather you not go to the movies with your ex boyfriend alone," and "don't wear this, don't eat that." The latter is just him being a control freak. So stop listening or get a new boyfriend.


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  • Your boyfriend sounds like the controlling type where if it's not his way/idea it shouldn't be happening. I could be wrong, but that's what it sounds like from what you've described.

    • Yea kinda I guess if he says change your hair this color then it would be OK but if I just did it on my own then he wouldn't like it

    • Sounds like a great guy, you're very luck to have him.

    • Thanks for the sarasm ass lol

  • maybe he's one of those people who really don't like change. or maybe your just really un lucky and he doesn't like those things.


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  • he sounds like a great guy

    lol sorry

    but really don't you think you deserve better than a guy saying everything you do is stupid? tell him he looks stupid