Can you tell if a girl likes you by the way she lookes at you

Can you tell if a girl likes you by the way she lookes at you or if she looks at you often


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  • This is dependent on your definition of like. Contrary to what I think is popular belief, I don't think you can tell if a girl really likes you by the way she looks at you. I have a bunch of friends who flirt with me but it's all in good fun, not serious. If I really liked one of these girls, I might overthink something like this and think that she likes me. Having said that, if it's a shy girl we're talking about that's different. If it's a girl who doesn't usually make eye contact, but her eyes are glued to you whenever you talk that's different too. Generally speaking though, I still think that it's hard to tell with most girls


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  • well, basics, if she looks at you it means two things...good, she finds you pleasent and atttractive. bad, she find you hideous and can't stop staring. going with the more likely situation that she finds you pleasent and atractive to look at in the first place you can inquire more from how she does it. If she looks at you, makes eye contact, smiles and nods then truns her head,..she might just be being friendly or posibly likes you. If she stares at you and then turns her head whenever she findes you catching her looking then starts to blush, and does this repeatedly,...she probably finds you really atractive and likes you a lot, and it would not be a bad idea to aproach her.

    sometimesit can be an acident like in my case,..where I was sitting across from some guy and kept looking behind him, and then he thought I was looking at him, so he made eye contact,...and it was awkward so I blushed,..and it kept happening like 8 times. That was a complete acident. :P

  • Haa yes, it is possible.

    Usually when she looks at you and you make eye contact also and she smiles its deffinitly a good sign.

    Also sometimes if a girl looks down after makeing eye contact and smiling its her using her body language signiling you to come and talk to her.

    • Thanks. But what if she looks at you for a few seconds and then you or her turn away

    • Welcome. :)

      I think if she turns away that she isn't self confident.

      Or she could be playing the silly cat/mouse game and is wanting you to chase her.

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  • Yes, you can tell if women are interested in you by the way they look at you. Often times, women will make eye contact with a smile, demonstrating interest. Other women will kind of undress you with their eyes. If she's looking at you often, then she's definitely interested.