What do guys think about Punk style?

I'm punk. Mostly in the sense that I don't care what people think but I do have blue bangs, and eight piercings. I've worn knee socks with shorts and my favorite socks ever are rainbow striped knee-highs.

My favorite outfit is my rainbow socks with cut-offs (Guys pants originally), either my sage green tank or black spaghetti strap top with a tan pinstriped mens button-up shirt, unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows. Also my black high-tops with green tongues (if I'm going out).

Jewelry: Two necklaces, one on a fine silver chain with a pentagram pendant the other on a slightly shorter slightly less fine silver chain with a fake bullet pendant. I have a plain silver eyebrow stud, a dark silver nose ring. I have three holes in each ear, I like to wear a safety pin in the bottom left or right hole, and a variety of studs or rings in the remaining five piercings.

Make-up: Varies from none to a lot. Eyeshadow varies from blue to black to green to purple to copper (or a combination). I usually wear blue or black eyeliner and blue or black mascara. Depending on my mood I either wear redish lip stain, pinky-purple metallic looking lip gloss, or bright red or black lipstick.

Keep in mind this isn't how I always dress. This is just my favorite look, but it takes a fair bit of work so I don't do it everyday, or even every week.

So, what do guys think about this kind of style?


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  • I like girls like you. I go to a certain club to find girls like you that I can possible get to know better.


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  • In my personal opinion,

    Key is to do it in a subtle way but don't over do it, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I personally don't dress like that, like all punk, but I have dated girls that had that punk style to them. But it was minimal. Like, this one girl I was going out with, she's white: She had this awesome ability to blend a variety of styles in her clothing, she had a little hip hop, a little goth and a little grunge and a little preppiness, people would stare at her, not only because she was so f***ing hot, but because they couldn't put a finger on her and place her in any one category. She would wear conservative clothing but with black nail polish and sometimes dark purple lip stick, more than usual jewelry but simple jewelry (a nose and a cheek piercing and a pair of earrings), black choker, some neon high lights. She'd buy a sweatshirt from Hot Topic but wear a Holister top.

  • I don't like the peircings or the eyebrow studs, and especially I don't like the nose rings, they are gross to me.

    Not sure about the guys pants. I don't think I would like that look unless you totally girly'ed them up.

    The same goes for the men's shirt, I don't think I like that either.

    I LOVE the rainbow socks.

    the makeup is great.

    • I don't wear gaudy jewelry in my peircings. That being said I understand that some people don't like peircings.

      I don't 'girly' my clothing up. I hate girly clothing so I don't wear or even buy it often. Nice, fitted, bootcut jeans are about as girly as I get. Guys clothing is more comfortable and cheaper. I cut the pants off at the knee and I have great legs which is enough for me.

      And thank you. I love the socks, and actually need a new pair, I wore my old ones out.

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    • I ment I don't like girly clothing. And to be honest, more girls are horrified by my socks than those who like them.

    • Well if you don't like girly clothing than you shouldn't like those socks. They are defiantly not manly, so therefore they are girly by default.

  • Well, since I'm a heavy metal fan, and I have some tattoos and piercings myself, I don't mind. Actually I think Punk girls are just sexy! I don't like mohawks on girls pretty much, but no problem about the clothing...

  • It was punk when I wore it 30 years ago, Now it's retro.

  • I tend to think punk/alternative or pop rock girls are hot. your bangs would definitely attract me and the rest depends, I'm not very good at visualizing. I don't know what haiyley willliams from paramore is but I think her hair and overall style is wicked hot

  • Outta interest, what do you define as Punk? To me girls that listen to Blink 182 and think they're punk is a turn off, nomatter how they dress, LOLLLL.

    You sound pretty cool, though, I was fairly into the punk scene for a while, you'd have excelled. It also sounds like you've made up most of the look yourself, like customising stuff and all, and I dig that a lot, 'cos I do that. That's where punk fashion started, like. Dressing punk isn't buying clothes from punk shops, you know? I dig it.

    • I listen to bands like Rancid, The Clash, Rise Against, as well as many others ranging from classical to metal. I'm not just punk, but I'm punk in the sense that I do what feels right for myself.

    • Ohhh. I dig that, a lot. Well done, haha...

  • Thats the best kinda of girl

    dont give a crap

    not afraid to speak your mind

    jus have a different personallity than what any guy would expect

  • if you don't care what people think about your style why are you asking what guys think about your style

    • It was a question for curiosities sake. If every guy here said it was stupid and that I was a loser I wouldn't stop dressing/acting this way, and same goes for if they all said it was super hot or something like that.

  • its ugly as sh*t and a definate turnoff

    peace and no offence, just my opinion

  • there's nothing better than this. I've been listening to punk for 20+ years. I only wish I could find someone cool in this lame ass city.


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  • I think punks are super cute. I love the crazy elaborate hair, bright makeup, glitter, studs, jewelry, and the fact that a lot of it is handmade. It's edgy and eyecatching at the same time. I think maybe 20 years ago it was more associated with being anarchist and not bathing, but now I think it's more of a style/music association. But I think the idea of being nonconformist remains, which I definitely respect.

    I think the more you dress this way, the more you will probably meet similar guys. Guys who are into punk are gonna like it for sure.

    • Aww! Thank you! I'm not into the glitter but I do like to modify clothing xD I'm thinking about making a duct tape shirt but I haven't decided on a style just yet.

  • I don't understand how people can walk out of the house like this. It's not flattering at all and you just look like a slob in my eyes. There's nothing wrong with the piercings and the make up is okay but the black lipstick is creepy.

    • I'm not sure how my look could be considered slovenly. I wear clean clothes, and it fits me perfectly with the exception of the mens button up shirt, which is only a smidgeon too big (it was my dad's).

      As for the black lipstick, it's not something I wear often. Even if I did I fail to see how it's 'creepy'.

      I like to hear other points of view but could you please explain your reasoning to me?

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    • I bought a pair of guys jeans that fit me. Then I cut them off. No, they aren't skin tight but I'm not sure that's a problem.

      I think it is a little unfair of you to say it looks 'sloppy' when you've never seen it. I find that even with opinions there is usually a reason for them. I was merely wondering what your reasoning was.

      As for how I walk out of the house like that, I like the outfit. I feel comfortable in it and to be honest it's fun to dress for yourself and not others.

    • I have seen this kind of outfit before so I do know what it looks like. And I don't dress for anyone else but myself. And guy jeans are specifically made to fit a guy. Even if they fit on your hips, the anatomy of a man and woman are very different so those jeans will never look good on a woman. And I love dressing for myself too and I don't dress in a particular way for others. I just love to feel good about myself even if it means wearing an uncomfortable dress or a painful pair of stilettos.

  • That's not punk. That's annoying. You aren't punk just by the clothes you wear and the label you're trying to carry above your head. You aren't anything close to punk.

    I've known real punks (the few that are left) and am actually related

    to two. You're just another wanna-be. The punks I know would eat you alive.

    The first thing you did wrong was try to define yourself as punk by the way you look (which you don't even have down right). Punk isn't just a fashion statement, it's a lifestyle. It's a way of thinking. It's how you look at and treat the world. Just because you're a little angsty and try your best to be different doesn't make you punk. The pentagram isn't even punk, you idiot.

    Do you research at least before you start spewing sh*t and calling youself something you aren't. Sticking a feather up your butt does not make you a chicken.

    • As a matter of fact I know punks too, and I also know people who think they are. I know people who think I'm punk because I dye my hair blue, which I actually did before I got into punk.

      I happen to be pagan, and very spiritual, which is why I wear a pentagram. I'm not some stupid little girl trying to fit a role. I am a woman who is living my life the way I want to, and how I want to. Please don't judge me when you don't know the whole story. That's just rude.