Women, what do YOU think is the perfect woman?

This one's for the women: What do you think the MAJORITY of men think is the sexiest, in terms of sizes. ONE number each. Dress size, chest size, waist size, weight, and height. I'm curious what women think we like best.


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  • Dress size 4, 34DD, 24 to 27 inch waist, 117 to 124 pounds, 5''4 to 5'6'' tall. Those are just hard stats. There's always the face. Clear skin, small nose, large eyes, straight teeth and bright smile. Hair color isn't an issue. However, not meaning to offend anyone, I've heard a lot of men say the redhead thing throws them off. Unattracted or scared not quite sure. Oh,yeah...hair longer than sholder length. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say...

    • Thanks for answering! I agree with the face details 100% The sizes you described are interesting. I like a girl roughly size 8-10 , 36 C, hour glass waist/hips, anywhere from 5'4" to 5'8", weight varies. Some carry more better. I'm not a red fan, however. But having said ALL that, none of its a deal breaker. Its how you shine with what's inside that makes the outside more appealing. ;)


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  • i doubt any guys would turn a girl like this down. I'm trying to look like that!


  • someone who will have sex with you and fufill all your fantasys... in the looks catagory... hour glass figure, every guy likes different boobs and in shaaape!

    • I agree on the whole with you. I'm curious what you think the concensus might be? I have an idea but I also know it wouldn't match up with my ideal either. its just fun to see perception, ya know?

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