Why do ladies find short guys unattractive?

I am a short man but I have tall friends. Most of my friends are taller than me, though I am muscular, and very analytic individual in terms of people's personality and self-presenting. I find out that most girls don't like or find short man attractive even if they are cute, smart, and richer than their taller friends. For example, when My friends and I meet girls, she often look the side of tall man. I don't take personal because I am very confident and know more than do me. It later appears I am smart or normal guy and conversations is balanced to the middle but I wonder "WHY DO GIRLS FIND SHORT MAN UNATTRACTIVE"? Is there stereotypes about short men? Do they have any commonalities in terms of personality? Is it biological that women assume taller men would be more successful or what? Thanks


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  • Being blunt: a short or a stick thin man is never going to be attractive to me, simply because they don't have the basics for manliness. As for you being muscular, it helps, but doesn't make up for being short.

    It's a personal preference for most women unfortunately, it's just the way it is. However, I'm sure you will find some women who don't mind that you're short, but those are going to either extremely short [below 4'11] or extremly tall [5'10+]. That's because the very short girl is going to be much shorter than you still, and the tall gilr won't be able many guys who are taller than her, sho she settles for a short one.

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      Sister, It is not that I am not finding women find me attractive but rather it is general question in which I have been curious of asking ladies. And thanks for your observations.

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      being blunt your a shallow b word anyway. Height has nothing to do with manliness the way your race hs nothing to do with your character. Its just how you are born, there are plenty of short guys that are manly. Muscular seems like it would be more important than height. Well just keep in mind you can never criticize men for treating women like objects because you do the exact same thing

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      I'm easy far more manly than most "tall" or "short" men.

      I have a 600 lbs deadlift. Don't be silly.