Why do ladies find short guys unattractive?

I am a short man but I have tall friends. Most of my friends are taller than me, though I am muscular, and very analytic individual in terms of people's personality and self-presenting. I find out that most girls don't like or find short man attractive even if they are cute, smart, and richer than their taller friends. For example, when My friends and I meet girls, she often look the side of tall man. I don't take personal because I am very confident and know more than do me. It later appears I am smart or normal guy and conversations is balanced to the middle but I wonder "WHY DO GIRLS FIND SHORT MAN UNATTRACTIVE"? Is there stereotypes about short men? Do they have any commonalities in terms of personality? Is it biological that women assume taller men would be more successful or what? Thanks


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  • Being blunt: a short or a stick thin man is never going to be attractive to me, simply because they don't have the basics for manliness. As for you being muscular, it helps, but doesn't make up for being short.

    It's a personal preference for most women unfortunately, it's just the way it is. However, I'm sure you will find some women who don't mind that you're short, but those are going to either extremely short [below 4'11] or extremly tall [5'10+]. That's because the very short girl is going to be much shorter than you still, and the tall gilr won't be able many guys who are taller than her, sho she settles for a short one.

    • Sister, It is not that I am not finding women find me attractive but rather it is general question in which I have been curious of asking ladies. And thanks for your observations.

    • being blunt your a shallow b word anyway. Height has nothing to do with manliness the way your race hs nothing to do with your character. Its just how you are born, there are plenty of short guys that are manly. Muscular seems like it would be more important than height. Well just keep in mind you can never criticize men for treating women like objects because you do the exact same thing

    • I'm easy far more manly than most "tall" or "short" men.

      I have a 600 lbs deadlift. Don't be silly.

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  • Yeah it gives me a sense of security and I see it as a manly trait. I'm 5'4 and to be honest if a guy is shorter than me (not including small people/dwarfs) I think that's too small for me. I like a guy 5'8+ at the least.

    Their is a stereotype that short guys are usually overly aggressive because they're short and they're "mad at the world" and all that (Napoleon complex). I don't think everyone believes that though.

  • I can't say why girls like taller guys other than the protection thing and that its appealing that the height is so different than the girl's. But if it makes you feel better, I don't mind shorter guys 5'7+.

    Personality goes a long way and could definitely make up for what may be lost with a smaller height.

    I actually think I read something a while back about super tall guys biologically wanting to go out with much smaller women because the guy's height is too tall, and they don't want their kids to be really tall. So maybe its the same for small women wanting tall guys to even it out? I have no idea hahaha.

  • Ive dated short and tall guys. Shorter guys are better to kiss, but I feel safer with taller guys. I also like to wear heels and don't want to be taller than him when I do.

  • Most girls find in tall guys a sense of security, protectiveness..

    • Shes right.

      And if it helps men also like women who are shorter than them. Because it makes men feel more manly cause they can provide to the woman that very sense of security and protection.

      So tall women get shafted too.

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    • I just don't understand how women think that just because a guy is tall he can automatically protect them. Being tall doesn't make you a better fighter, I've also noticed that short girls tend to like really tall guys

    • Its not logical. it's subconscious. girls don't think "well, one day I might get attacked so he'll protect me". not most of the time, anyway.

  • i personaly date tall guys because ifeel more safe and ilove how they have to lean in to give me ah kiss nd ihave to tippy toe...

    ijus think its cute.. but you never know some girls like short guys that are their height.

    mayb yu will find that one..

  • You do talk utter shit. So Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jnr, Eddie Izzard, the list could go on; none of them are attractive because they're short? You'd prefer a thicko 6 foot plus guy because you 'need protecting'. Stop being such a fucking wimpy bitch and learn to look after yourself. As it happens, I'm over six feet and my husband of 14 years is only five foot eight, and believe me, he is more than enough of a man.

  • Not all women are the same, so it depends on the women. I can only speak for myself when I say I do not find short men unattractive.

    Also, when a man is smaller than the woman, the woman feels like she is huge & no woman wants to feel huge.


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  • It's all about personality, my friend. Learn how to be social and confident, strive to be a good and compassionate person, love who you are, always be neat, clean, stylish and well-groomed--and suddenly physical characteristics (the ones you can't control, like height) fade to the background.

    If you're a quality guy, a QUALITY woman will be into you for who you are. She won't just be looking at your physical appearance--she'll carefully consider the whole package. And if the stuff you're made of on the "inside" really shines through, you'd be surprised how little the "outside" counts.

    By the way, this isn't dreamy BS--this is truth. Best of luck my friend.

  • Well if you are a short guy and a woman rejects you or thinks you can't protect her as well take comfort from the fact that she is shallow and stupid and therefore not good to go out with in the first place. There are women who will go out with men shorter than them even a lot shorter than them. There are women here saying I might go out with a guy in spite of his shortness if he blah blah blah. Its like there saying they might go out with a recovering crack addict if he is really sweet. Your height is not a weakness or something to be ashamed of don't make a woman get you to feel that way because you don't need her.

  • There's an easy answer to this question but it's not true for all women, just most of them.

    Women who are socialized in western culture, the US and Canada to be specific are taught from a very early age that short men are inferior, unnattractive and poor choices as boyfriends or husbands. In fact, dating or associating with a short guy, regardless if she's taller or shorter than him means that she's failed as a woman. Tall, dark, and handsome is the gold standard for men that comes right out of Hollywood. Women covet what they see on TV and the movies and always want what the other girl has. This usually means a a trophy boyfriend who towers over her by at least half a foot so she can wear high heels. Despite being an extreme few in numbers, there are women in North America who don't let a pair of shoes dicate who they date and a man's height is not important to them.

  • hard to dominate a woman if you have to look up at her...

  • Girls don't want to be with a guy shorter then them. They don't want to bend over to kiss shorter guys.. That's what I hear.. I'm 6"5 and I hate the awkward bend to kiss a shorter girl... Tall isn't always better.. I would settle for 6 feet I think...

    • Lool, I guess. I am 5'7'' and I am very much attracted to slim taller, talkative, professional ladies. However, I find this ackward behavior of girls, ignoring me by the time we sit down for business talks immediately assuming he is "the business man" while he is actually helping me out. I am condident man I guess you made a point. thanks