Why do younger guys think I'm fat, and older guys think I have a nice body?

I'm 5'6", size 7, C cup boobs. I'm 16 and in high school. all the guys my age and most the guys at my school say I'm fat and that I have a gross body. but whenever I hang out with my college friends on their campus, guys are hitting on me left and right, saying I have a nice body. why do you think this is?


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  • Because high school boys are idiots and don't know what they are talking about most of the time.


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  • because high school guys are the rudest, most selfish a**holes to ever walk the earth, all they care about is getting the best looking girl, I know this because I use to be one

  • cuz you do have a nice body guys in high school aren't experienced with women there just teasing you and guys in college know how to get with women and know how to actually flirt well in a sense


What Girls Said 2

  • cause most guys in high school (especially mine lol) only want stick skinny girls, but yet, have huge boobs, and actually have an ass. which never really happens.. lol. older guys know reality, and high school boys dont. sucks, I know lol.

  • because younger guys are in that "i have to like girls that all my friends like" mode and they tend to prefer stick skinny girls because they haven't matured into real men, and skinny girls bodies don't show signs of sexual maturation either so they are about on the same level. they see a girl who has a curvy figure (signs of sexual maturity) as fat because they aren't sexually mature themselves as they are teen boys. also since stick skinny is the look that is in style, they just tend to like girls that are in style

    older guys prefer curvy girls because going back to looking more sexually mature, you just look more womanly and they are more manly so they're going to like that.