She was wearing the dress I gave her today!! What does that mean?

My ex and I broke up a month ago, and she's in my class...we've been ignoring each other ever since...and I think she's completely over me already since she never talks or even eye contact me or what not... but today she was wearing the dress I gave her...she was so gorgeous... Does it mean anything?


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  • i mean it could mean she was wearing it so you would notice but then on the other hand she may be wearing just to wear and wasn't really thinking about that you got it for her.

    • Yes, it means something. It might mean that she wants you, or it might just mean she wants your attention. But women are intentional creatures, with long memories. It means something.

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  • you shouldn't read into it to much. . . sorry, but she can still wear that dress cause there isn't any point in throwing it out, that would only be a waste. If you think she is trying to get your attention though try and focus on being just friends instead of ignoring each other which is just awkward


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  • If you broke up with her, it absolutely means something.

    If it was mutual, not so clear.

    If she broke up with you, not so clear.