Looking for a non-sexual relationship while I'm away from my wife?


My wife and I are in our mid to late 30s and just had our first child together; we each have a child from previous marriages. I love my wife with every fiber of my being, and eternally grateful for the son she's given me.

Less than two weeks after my son was born, I was laid-off from my job. I've excepted a position with another company, but we have to relocate 1500 miles away.

I will be leaving several months before my family does so I can get a house and get everything situated.

This is also a perfect time to get a girlfriend. I know it sounds horrible but this may be my only chance. I understand the risks involved, but I'm not interested in a sexual relationship; just companionship with a good looking 20 something.

Am I wrong? I love my wife. Please help.


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  • Yes, you are wrong. And it will ruin your marriage. Your wife, if she's a pretty thing, probably gets hit on everyday without doing anything about it because she knows that men would rather have their hand cut off than get cheated on. Give her the same respect. Sexual or not, emotional cheating ruins relationships. And you can't undo it, even if she forgives you. It will play out in her not being comfortable with you going out with your friends. Becoming accusational. Picking fights. Not wanting you to make that business trip. Not liking that you have female friends.

    Don't do this to yourself


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  • Dude, you are a complete @sshole. Your wife resently had your baby and you want to spend a few months with another woman. I'm guessing you haven't informed your wife that you are planing on cheating on her in your new home. I hope she finds out and leaves your scheming @ss.

  • " I love my wife with every fiber of my being, and eternally grateful for the son she's given me". You're not serious right? Are you a troll?

  • Yeah you are totally wrong. The opposite of a non-sexual relationship is a emotional one which IMO is worse. You can't be alone for a couple months? Are you one of those people that have to be with someone at all times? Learn to be alone. Read a book. Geez for goodness sake, look at your age range, you cannot be THAT needy can you? Sad, very sad. I wonder what your wife, that you love so dearly with every fiber of your being, would say if she read this.


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