Guys, what would you rather have for a girlfriend?

1. A girly girl who is into fashion and shopping. Wears things like high heels everywhere they go.

2. A girl who dresses in a t-shirt and jeans. One who dresses more to be comfortable and hates shopping.

Just curious.


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  • well if it's only a choice between those then 2 for sure.

    I got lucky...I got the best of both girly girl looks great in an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt...and an absolute knockout when we have to dress up a bit...just don't tell her I said so...I hate wearing a tie *grins*

    • Haha well yeah I dress up girly when the time calls for it but don't wear them everyday.

    • She actually prefers to dress up, but around the house she love to look like the gardner *grins* I have very little fashion sense, so I tend to be casual all the time......and on those few occations when I need to "put it on" so to speak, she has an amazing nack for helping me look like I ought to be with her *grins* I know when she spends some time getting dressed every head turns when she walks into a room. It still amazes me to see the reactions from others.


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  • Second Girl! I don't care if you like shopping.

    Fashion is stupid. Girls put other girls down because of what they wear.

    If you dress comfortable, you will act comfortable=I'm happy with you.

    • Good! I hate shopping and only do it if I really need something. I think it's a waste of money to buy "fashionable" crap.

  • #2 that's my kind of girl unfortunatiley there's not many of them

  • The second girl.

  • either one as long as the shopping girl doesn't expect me to pay for her stuff and the T-shirt girl isn't going to bludge around the house all day and get a job

    • I wear jeans and a girl tshirt. I work full time, going for my masters and pay all my own bills. I'm not saying dressing like a slob in rags.

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