Is this good or bad?

Okay, so there's this guy that I met. We talk on the phone approx 2- 3 hours every night. Last Thursday we hung out. We went to the mall and then went to a park to settle down and talk. Just for fun. Now this Friday, he came over to my place. He met my mom, we watched movies and then, when he had to leave, I told him that I wanted a kiss. But he never gave me one. So then I'm like, "do you like me?" He said, "I don't know." I shouldn't have said that in first place.

So we hugged for a long time and then this morning I wrote him an email saying that I felt bad and everything. And he replied, "Hey, it's okay don't worry. I just don't know myself and we need to hang out more. Besides, you're cute (etc.)" What does that mean? Is it good or bad??!! I need some help!


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  • Not that many people really know themselves at my age and your age.

    Maybe he's nervous, maybe he's just not totally ready. I don't want to give you a direct answer because really don't know you or him and I might give a wrong answer. So what you're asking is why is he acting like that? Because possibly he's not totally sure.

    Hope my advice helps!


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  • I think he is into you, and I think he is pretty honest, and showed respect for you. he didn't lead you on falsely or pretend. Give him some time and he will let you know how he feels

  • Hey I'd say it looks good for you. The fact that all that has happened to ya'll is a good start. He's ok if he doesn't want to jump right in without really knowing how he feels. Give him some time...let your relationship grow. But def don't bug him about it.

  • It just means he needs time. If it goes on and he decides he doesn't want a relationship, I have no doubt that you guys could still be friends, and one more friend is ironically much less complicated than a boyfriend. So there's no way you can lose in this situation, even if you could win more one way than another =]


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