I have been talking about how much I complain about my body. But guys this is for you, do you like girls with some curves to her body? Or a girl that is thin but still has a chest?


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  • Biologically speaking guys are naturally more interested in women who are curvy. Mind you when I say curvy I don't mean overweight, but a girl who has big hip bones so her highs/butt curve outward, a smaller waist, and a couple of breasts. For the breasts of a girl a guy is thinking of dating, they usually don't matter, and also, a lot of guys prefer smaller sizes (for relationships).

    With that out of the way, love has no boundaries. There will be TONS of people who date girls who are thin and have a chest. I know tons of girls like that and I find them attractive.

    You can complain about how you look, but you have to realize, guys will find you attractive. It's really that simple. : )

    We all have different preferences, even with the biological preferences. So, have faith, and you'll land a good man!

    • Just remember to not complain how you look, I know girls want to feel secure by having their man reassure them but come on. It's been 195,000 Years already, just stop with the mind games and actually be happy with your guy for a while.

    • Yes...enough of the mind games !! All that time girls spend on mind games is time that could have been spent actually enjoying each others company.... I'm tellin ya...it's such a waste of time.


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  • I saw a pic of this girl who was Thick and Curvy. Okay before I go on.there IS a difference between thick and fat and they are not mutually exclusive! - Soo anyhow, she was thick and damn she looks sooo hot esp since she was wearin heels which further accentuated her curves and the clothes she had on nicely fit along her shape. Oh man, you'd need a crowbar to pull me off her! Heart was racing like crazy. However, body types/styles differ and some girls look good with skinny frames where others look good with athetic to thicker builds. Same goes for breast size. Smaller ones look better on certain frames and in some cases the biggers just don't look right on those. Too many factors ya know? Now if you excuse me as I wipe the drool off corner of my mouth. OK I'm joking. :)

  • Curvy = the best. It looks best when she's got a little extra weight on her but you can't really tell whether its fat or muscle.

  • thin=ewww! curves are awesome though

  • Not too thin.although I wodi nevr say anyone is ugly persay.but for MY type.curves all over.hoips.butt.thighs.boobs.but beasiudes.personality does come before it all.!


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  • Me and you are in the same boat, I'm short though and I have all the curves, so I complain that I'm not stick thin like the tall girls, my boyfriend loves it though