Why do unattractive guys care about girls' looks the most?

i know this one kid who is downright ugly. I know that sounds mean but he really is. he's fat and slobby and dresses like a rapper. he is also a huge jerk. nothing good about his personality.

this is his qualifications for a girlfriend:

5'8" or taller

tan skin

size 2 or smaller

size D cup boobs or bigger (natural or fake he doesn't care)

hair must be perfectly straight, white blond, and boob length or longer

must wear heels on a daily basis

must wear mini skirts and low cut tops almost every day

her face has to resemble something like megan fox, like she has to sorta look like her

those are his only qualifications. nothing about personality, just looks. and he's never had a girlfriend before. not surprising.

why do the ugly guys care about looks more than normal guys?


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  • It gives them an excuse as to why they never get girls. It would be embarrassing for him to admit that it's because he's unattractive and a jerk so that's why women don't like him. If he says that he just has "high standards," he can make it look like he turns women down for not being good enough, instead of the other way around. Those kind of girls rarely exist, so it's easy for him to explain why he never has a girlfriend, and thus make himself feel better. (Even if everyone knows he couldn't get a girl who was half as attractive as that).

    Basically its an insecurity. He knows he's not attractive enough for most women and instead of trying to fix it he'd rather place the blame on us.


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  • I don't think it's a matter of how attractive the guy is. I think it's a matter of how arrogant he is. There are some really arrogant guys who are completely worthless, and some really arrogant guys who are the hottest thing since nuclear fusion. Both date for looks.

  • He is proubly Knows that he is ugly and he wants to worry about his looks and a girls. And like the other person said it gives them an excus to why he doesn't have a girlfriend. He is unsecure about him self and shifts the blame to everyone else.

  • LMAO. "Ugly" girls do that more wayyyyy more than "ugly" guys by the way.

  • Us "ugly" guys like to dream, he probably knows it won't happen but he likes to stay optimistic and have some hope in the sh*t life that he leads.


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  • They need a bigger ego boost from another person.