Guys, what do you AUTOMATICALLY think when you see an attractive person?

"We see a girl and either we are attracted to her or not. There is no time for conscious thought, it is nothing like the way you see us.

We see you and in that fraction of a second we either want to f*** you or we don't. There is no conscious decision of any kind. it is based entirely on that first impression which is mostly visual. If a girl looks hot, we generally want to f*** them. If a girl looks hot, but she acts like a bitch, then she can blow it and make the guy not want her anymore. But the guy will never "decide" to be attracted to a girl unless he thinks she's hot. "


A quote from ZenSpace :P he answered a question for someone and I was wondering if this is true for most guys?


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  • i test to see if I'm her type. being a good looking, I turned heads, even gotta obvious jealousy from other men. but from personal experience, it doesn't work on all women, some women have ignored me for whatever reason. maybe I'm not her type or she a lebsian but who cares. after I find out she interested, I test her personalty . I don't like bad quality like gold digging, bad character and so on.

    i don't want shallowness, I want a girl to like me for me. I had this pretty girl that I wasn't even that into and I went to talk to her just because I wanna make friends or something. she blew me off but then she started wanting me when she saw how infatiated this other girl gotten with me. god knows why. then the pretty girl started to have a thing for me, always looking at me, trying to draw my attention. and I wasn't sure about her. but then with further testing, I came to the conclusion she was shallow so I 'm glad I didn;t hook up with her for my own protection. I don't want to fall for a b%^&*.


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  • Its human nature. Guys like good looking girls and girls like good looking guys.Its also human nature to reproduce. Although good guys will control that urge and look for what the girls personality is more. Same thing with girls.

  • The moment I see a girl who is attractive, I think, are they shallow?. If I do not think they are shallow, I will think of the best way to open a conversation with them. If it works then, obviously I must be doing something right.

  • i wonder how nice her vajayjay looks & how she would look on top of me. :-)~


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