Men, what do you think is cute for a girl ?

like I need more cuteness in my style!. like

i don't know. gimme some tips anyone :))


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  • i think American eagle and that sort of look is generally better than say some kind of punk look or emo is not hot at all in my opinion.

    to be honest, I like a girl with like a firm chest and I have come to believe that has more to do with dress than actual body type. no idea in reality though haha, but like that somewhat stretchy t-shirt is kinda hot on most girls. jeans can go either way depending on what kind of body you are, and a skirt I think is hotter than a dress too.

    but don't go overboard with makeup. I mean there are times you can really load it on, but I tend to thing girls look the best with just a little here and there. otherwise they look like porn stars or clowns or generally some awkward combination of both.


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  • 1. Nice "snug denim jeans"

    2. A nice white belt with it w/some glittery stuff on it, with the big round holes one over top the other two by two.

    3. shoulder length hair.

    4. Blonde with brownish/brownish natural red mix highlights.

    5. Smile.

    6. Nothing special for a shirt really, any decent tee will do. A belly shirt used to be cool, but now I guess maybe I like my girls a little more reserved and to not wear one. Although, some can get away with it, some can't, but a belly shirt to me crosses the line from cute to hot depending on the girl, like I said, some can't wear one some can.

    7. Good personality. For sure, for a girl to be cute in my book she has to have a sparky, cheery type of personality.

    Thats just my thoughts, can't speak for every guy.

  • I think you should go as what your more comfortable with if you don't want to use shoes just put some flip flops on even when your wearing pants or something . I'm not a big fan of girls putting gel in there hair to keep it flat but that's just me.


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  • wear brighter colors and clothes that show off what you have. like camis or those babydoll tee's. darker clothes are cute when they have a lighter floral design on them. flipflops! Hollister and areopastale are your best best, hollister is way cute and areo is way cute with more acceptable prices, even sears and jcpenny has the same styles.

  • ?i don't know, what do you want?