Height and attractiveness? What about same height?

As a guy, it has been a somewhat bothersome thought for me that I'm somewhat short compared to most people (I'm a bit below 5'7"). But that's not as much of an issue - I can always look for girls who are shorter, right? Well, to tell you the truth, the more people I see, the more it seems like that all girls below 18 are higher! 18 years olds have mostly girls of my height.

And my issue is, that I personally find girls of the same height attractive (usually even more often than shorter girls, and especially more than taller girls), but girls are usually looking for guys who are taller than them, and not guys who are the same height as them, right? If it is so, am I doomed to suffer in lack of reciprocation? Or are there girls out there who prefer guys who are the same height? So far, I have no evidence for the existence of such.

Hmph, I should have did a search. But, why is it so that I prefer when I'm in eye level with a girl, while most people want a height difference? I'm weird, huh...? www.girlsaskguys.com/Other-Questions/38016-mens-height-does-it-matter.html


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  • I'm 5'4 or a bit shorter, and if I'm wearing heels and you're still taller than me or the same height I'm good with that! :)


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  • girls are shallow when it comes to height, there are some who ain't and most who will see taller as a preference but it's sadly a big deal to many


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  • I prefer by far a taller man...but I'm 5'9...soo since I have a tall stature...I need the man to have one also...I was with a guy for 6 years who was the same height as me...and I pretty much vowed to myself to never do that again!...most girls are under 5'7 anyway!

  • Well I'm 5'2'', and I'm absolutely not attracted to a guy my own height. I prefer to date much taller guys. But it's also rare to find a guy my height anyway so it's not a problem I encounter often.

  • i seem to prefer shorter guys ..

    • A certain rarity. Back in the day I was looking for girls of the same height, but taller girls now actually make me feel frustrated because how it probably bothers them that I am shorter.

      Social expectations preset and reset our "ideals", apparently.

    • i think maybe I'm like that with guys, like if they're short I think they will be harder to get.. pretty messed up huh.

  • Personally, the ideal for me would be that they are taller. But in reality when I'm meeting guys, height isn't the first thing I look for. I don't mind guys that are my height.


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