How can I become attractive so I can actually get a guy?

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  • Be confident. Wear matching undies, it'll make you feel confident and sexy (: And don't try too hard, you don't have to change yourself for a guy...don't over do the make up or dress slutty. I agree with the person that said dress for your body type. A lot of girls tend to wear clothes 3 sizes too small, it's not cute.And they let things hang out that they shouldn't lol. Or they do the opposite and cover everything up by wearing things way too baggy. Just be you, and believe in yourself. (: Guys will go crazy for you (;


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  • Dress for your body type. If you are unhappy with your current body type, change it. Do NOT change for a guy though. Be approachable by smiling and giving him "the look". If he has the guts to go up to you he will. Remember most of the time a woman is not approached it is simply cause the guy is not ballsy enough. Do NOT ever think it is because you are unattractive. Since I am sure you are :)

    • Whats "the look"

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    • K so how would I know that he feels the same way?

    • If he approaches you

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  • Dress nice, I guess. You will find a guy who thinks you are pretty, no worries. and I am sure that you are beautiful,

  • just be you...don't change your stlye or anything...