Hair issue...going to an amusment park?

I have pretty insanely curly hair, and I am going to an amusement park tomorrow with this guy, and my hair WILL get wet. I have no idea what to do with it, because it rarely looks good curly, especially if I don't have my whole bathroom and tons of styling time :P

He's only seen my hair straight except for one time I think, and I know for a fact he does not like it curly. I obviously can't straighten it, ANDD I HAVE BANGS! I have no idea what to do with them either, because I don't look good with all of my hair pulled back.



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  • Use a hairband or headband type thing (think what the girls from The Hills wear, not rambo style) to pull back your bangs, because they will look the worst when they go curly and stick out the wrong way trust me.

    You have a few options, but none are going to guarantee straight hair

    1. Style your hair as normal with the addition of the hairband/headband, when your hair gets wet casually tie it back in a messy bun. This way your guy friend will see that you still made the usual effort, but if he's a nice guy he'll understand that it has to be done once the curls appear.

    2. You can try find the best pulled back hair style (french plaits are quite nice) that suits you and style your hair in it before you go, that way you don't have to worry about pulling your hair back without a mirror & much styling tools.

    3. Clip back your bangs or do the headband/hairband idea. Straighten your hair as normal, but put LOADS of hair spray into your hair & see what happens.

    or you could just wear a shower cap on the rides? :) good luck & don't stress too much about it


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  • Is this a date or just hanging out?


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  • If you are going to an amusement park, make sure your hair is tied back. I think you should a loose messy bun with your bangs held back with a hair pin or a cute hair band. Since your hair is curly, the messy bun will look better because couple of curls coming out from here or there, will look really sexy. If not that, than you can go with a side pony tail, or a side braid (depending on how long your hair is). Try doing a french braid or fish tail braid if you can. Try a high pony tail by teasing your scalp hair. Its a very nice summer look and is very easy for a theme park date/hangout. If you want to leave your hair open, then just pull your hair back with a cute hair band and leave the rest of your hair open.

    This might help you out:


  • i have the same exact problem I'm italian and have very curly frizzy hair. and when I go to amusement parks I always try to avoid the wet rides and the water park. but what I did one time was got there like right when they opened and did all the dry rides then went to do wet rides and then water park and in my back pack I just brought some gel and hairspray and through my hair in a messy bun or a ponytail. and if there was some more time we went back to do dry rides again

  • Ohh that's a tough situation you got there. I guess you can't do anything unless you want to walk around with your hair in a pony tail or wear a hat?

  • a messy bun seems best