Should I have asked her out?

I was buying some new shoes yesterday and got this cute girl to help me. We were sorta flirting with each other, and she got me the shoes and rung me up to pay for them. After leaving I felt like I sort of missed an obvious opportunity. The only thing was that she was a new employee and I was her first customer, so the other guy employee was standing there helping her to check me out. I think it would've been sort of not the right time because she was at work, and right in front of maybe a manager? So was that not an appropriate time, or am I just making excuses for myself?


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  • I wouldn't feel too bad. Asking a girl out takes a lot of balls, especially right in front of another guy. Plus, you can always go back (which you definitely should). Since you don't know her schedule, just go at the same time and day you went last time.

  • haha pretty much the same question and answer I'm looking for! Except she was my hair dresser. I can't go in for another cut so I'm just gonna man up and go in and ask for her! Start up with small talk and leave my number. Good luck mate