What are guys thinking when they look at girls?

i want to know if a guy thinks I'm hot or he just is looking at me for the hell of it. describe the different because a guy just looking at you for no reason at all and a guy actually checking you out. be specific too


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  • If a guy is checking you out, he wants you to notice and won't look away when you 'catch' him at it. Not right away, in any event! He wants to see how you react..do you look really mean at him, or are you openly flirty, or will you just look away with a poker face? All this tells him a lot!

    A guy just looking will usually turn away when you notice him looking..!

    • What does the poker face tell him? (I think the other two are pretty obvious)

    • Probably that you are REALLY interested and are hesitatnt to show him!

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  • Me I look see a female... I think... "Female type, threat level moderate to minimum..."

  • We think: "penis goes where?"

  • If he looks at you and keeps looking he's interested - if he glances your way then goes back to whatever he's doing then probably not. Some guys size up girls head to toe, others just keep looking their way for a chance to go talk to them when they are away from their friends. Making eye contact and smiling is another one. TBH it all depends on the guy.

    • So if a guy does like a triple take at me and then strikes up and conversation and looks me up and down he's interested? lol

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