I am a natural red head, but not the "ginger" redhead. I have freckles, do guys think that's unattractive?

K, so like I said, I'm not what people stereotype as "ginger". I have auburn hair and people say that it's my best feature besides my freckles. Being a red head, I have freckles all over, but they are only prominent on my arms and chest. You can still tell I have freckles on my face, but they aren't super dark. My guy friends think they are super sexy, but that might just be because they know me better. So do guys think that freckles look good?


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  • as long as the freckles on your face aren't so abundant that I can't see your actual face then it is fine and as far as the red hair goes ... I am a COMPLETE sucker for red heads and the auburn color is the best if that's the color I'm thinking of :P like the mix between red and brownish ... that's the best in my opinion


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  • Most guys love red heads and lots of guys are suckers for a good amount of freckles (Within reason) So I would say you are signs point to you having a fun dating life ahead.

    Your ego is fluffed for the day :)

  • I honestly can't even see your freckles, so I wouldn't worry about it at all. If it's something that really bothers you, there are acne creams that will fade them. But seriously, I can't even see them.

  • I can't easily put into words how attractive I think freckles & red hair are on a girl, but I think it's usually a huge plus. That's backed up by many guys I know that agree such a combination instantly makes girls more attractive to them. It's a real shame when some girls think it's not attractive to show off their naturally red hair.

  • I like your second picture rather then your default picture but that's because I like straight hair but I think you look awesome regardless (:

    To me looking beautiful with red hair is uncommon.

    I can't think of many girls that look that great with red hair


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  • picture...

    But redheads are either unattractive or attractive

    • I don't have the time to put a link up, but I think that the picture I have shows it well enough?

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    • I just looked at you profile picture and I agree 100% you are gorgeous

    • Oh my goodness.. thank you guys so much:] that was really nice