When are jeans considered too tight and unattractive? Ever?

So, when someone's a bit larger, tight jeans can seem kind of gross imo. But what about when someone's naturally built tiny. Like I'm 5'2 and very small frame, 103 lbs. I'm a size 0. I know baggy jeans can seem unattractive on people like me, but I have a butt, and it shows when I wear jeans, can jeans be too tight on small girls? Just give me your input on whatever (: Thanks


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  • if they fit just right then they're not too tight. if you have trouble breathing while you're wearing them then they're too tight. classy is a good thing to do when wearing jeans unlike some individuals who have half their underwear hanging out, it's not sexy, just nasty.

    • Yeah, I can totally understand that. I was just woundering because I got these jeans that were 00 and I didn't realize how tight they were on my thighs and butt till later. But I can easily breathe.

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  • As long as they fit you, look nice/classy, and you can move comfortably in them they look good to me!


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  • No baby, jeans on skinny girls like yourself, and me ;), look the best when tight.

    Baggy jeans are uncomfortable and unattracive, don't feel like you can't wear tight jeans just because not everyone can.

    You're blessed with a hot body, show it off.

    I love wearing Hollister Jeggings, they are super super tight and they make my legs and butt look amazing.

  • Wear jeans that fit properly(get measured if must).As Anon said,whether skinny or overweight,jeans can look bad on anyone.

  • Jeans can be too tight on anyone. If they look like you had to work to get into them, or if you look like you can't move they're too tight. As long as they fit you, I think you're fine, and I definitely wouldn't worry about showing your butt!