Girly girls or tomboys?

guys are so confusing and always contradicting themselves. they say they want a girl who is soft and feminine but doesn't care about her look so much or wear a lot of makeup. she should wear skirts and heels to look sexy but also be low maintenance. she should be sexy and alluring but also modest. she should be down to earth and able to hang with the guys but not be too boyish or aggressive. she has to be the definition of girly but not be too girly that it's annoying. I don't get it.


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  • It's all about balance. For example, there's a line between putting on make up to enhance your physical appearance and putting on too much make up where the girl transforms into a clown. Personally, it's important that girls and guys worry about their appearance. It means that they take care of themselves. It would be great if girls are down to earth; they're generally more fun. As far as being aggressive, that's better. Women can play mind games and use double speak, which drive guys crazy. Aggressive women know what they want and communicate it clearly.


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  • Even if a girl looks like a guy, dresses like a guy, she can still be more feminine than a girl in a dress. It has nothing to do with looks although looks often express what kind of person is on the inside but not always. If you want to see a "tom boy" who is feminine look at a lot of chinese women, and not those that have been westernised. Chinese women have skin as tough as nails, they work like crazy and still manage to be feminine, that's all I can say...


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  • don't pressure yourself..just be who you are...I'm a gal...I'm short...I've got chubby cheeks (so it makes me look cute)...and I like to wear feminine stuff, I can cook...BUT..I am in no way feminine in terms of personality...a lot of my good friends are guys...hetero matter what you wear, or what your personality is, there will always be guys who accept you for who you are..they may or may not be a lot of them...but I can guarantee u, they're there...