Is hair color a deal breaker?

Guys,I know you all like different hair colors on girls,but what if a girl has a different hair color than you like?Is she out of the question then?


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  • Wow, absolutely not!

    At least for me, people's body are their sanctuary you know? all that stuff about feeling good with your body and blablabla, well it goes for the hair too!

    I don't wanna mess with anybody's "sanctuary" so for me people are free to do whatever they want in their hair, face, lips, legs... The only thing I can do is give 'em my opinion about it.. which is simply an external view based on my likings and preferences. And HELL NO I would never rule out a girl because of her hair...

    A women hair being carried by the wind is one of the most beautiful things I've ever saw in this planet, the color doesn't really matter... Oh sh*t, I'm starting to sound like a Twilight fan...


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