Why do you think he acts like this?

I was at a wedding last night. My crush was there. And we made eye contact like 5 time through the night. Most of the times, I noticed him looking my way, then I look up and our eyes lock. He came around when I was dancing and watched. But when he came over, he would only talk to me friend, which is married. He's good friends with her husband. But her husband left early. He did this a few times through the night. And today at church, he basically ignored me. (Sigh)


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  • hey..yeah, obviously he has been ignoring u. It might be possible bcoz he wants you to feel jealous or he is not comfortable in talking to u. Well, I think main reason is that he wants you to contact him at first place. He is probably not sure about what you think and he came there because he was thinking tha if you are interested because of your eyes met 5 times. So he might be interested but don't wanna lead. So if next time he comes around I'd suggest that you start the conversation.

    Take care


What Girls Said 1

  • He must not like you very much. That's my guess.