Do girls like to take sexy showers with guys?

i want to know if girls like taking showers with there guys and maybe sex in shower. what do you girls think? guys?


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  • Yes they do! lol, but obviously she is going to know you and be comfortable with you first.


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  • LOVE IT!

    water just makes everything sooooooooooo much more interesting!


  • its amazing.especially when he puts his dick in your vagina.that soft smoooth feeling is wonderful.and when he stands behind you.squeezing your boobs while you shampooing your hair.that feels soo intersting.and when you sucking his.the water dripping creates a very exotic feeling like you're in the forest.

    try it.


  • i've never done that before but I imagine it would be hot!

  • i love it. water is sexy.


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  • Its really over rated, trust me.

    You have some girls that really want to do it, and that's fine, but the water doesn't make it any better.

    I take showers with my girl all the time, but we don't always have sex in the shower.

    I guess I got one that doesn't like to.

    With previous girls, we'd shower together after sex, so I never did find out if they wanted to or not.

    Just find an angle, at how you do it. Don't just say lets have sex in the shower.

    Just get in & get at it!

    Good Luck


    A Loving Black Man

  • It sounds hotter than it really is. You have to watch your footing and it's awkward with only one person getting the hot water and the other freezing their ass off. I'll take the bed over the shower any day.

  • i personally like the idea of it and wouldn't mind doing it. but some girls might want to do it were she is more comfortable, or if she is a little more outgoing then she could.

  • It would be very hot. first.