How do I win him over?

he has a girlfriend, but she isn't right for him, and I've liked him for way too long. he's my neighbor, and I basically look at him like he's perfect.


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  • Since he's your neighbor, make him notice you. :P Wear showy clothes when you go to take out the trash or go to the corner store or something .. like that he's eyes will be on you.

    Make all his attention go to you when ever you're around him ... make him think over why he's with his girl, since you say she's not right for him, he'll prob compare you to her in his head at some point.



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  • Let him decide if she's right for him ;-)


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  • She's not right for him because you said so, he said so, or others said so? And you haven't waited too long until it's entity.

    • He admitted it one night when we were talking about everything in our lives. He said none of his friends like her and he addmitted that she gets on his nerves a LOT of the time. Which confuses me because I don't know how I should feel about him when he's opening up all the time and when he comes over, like I woke up and he was mowing my lawn? His brother and his family also don't like her.

    • Well it's his decision, you can't make him do anything about it other than talk to him about it & explain your feelings towards him if you think you waited long enough

  • how do you know she isn't right for him? who are you to make that judgement! Has he said that he is interested in you? If he hasn't even noticed you move on! why are girls so hung up on trying to steal other girls boyfriends? How would you like it of some girl tried to do that to your relationship? your under 18 and still young go find your own man and leave this one alone...plenty more fish in the see!

    Harsh I know but if he is flakey and leaves her for you wots to say he won't do the same to you?