Why do teenage and early twenties guys date trashy woman?

I guess I'm just wondering because I see a lot of guys pass up pretty girls for the trashy ones! Why is this? Just because Pretty conservative girls don't dress like a skank doesn't mean they don't act like them?!


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  • Well that's not true for every guy, I don't like it when a women dresses like a slut, I actually think it's a turn off if a girl sits with her legs wide open, I like a mystery and that's what a good women is, she's a bit of a tease but still remains classy and when it comes to how women dress I love girls in a yellow sun dress, hottest thing ever

    • Your right, but I see so many good guys fall for trashy girls. It really bothers me! I love wearing skirts and fitted tops and wedges. It's sexy and shows off my body but not revealing! Yellows a fun color too:)

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  • That's about the female equivalent of the male "why do teen/young girls go straight for the jerks/douchebags whatever" sort of question. I think it's a stereotype and like all stereotypes it's part perception and part fact.

    • I am looking at it from a stereotypical veiw. My question applies to some men and doesn't to others. A lot of guys these days choose woman with trashier looks and lowers morals than they should.

    • Well, to be honest the pop culture look today for girls is pretty whorish. And yes some guys do go for girls based on a preconceived notion based on their looks (ie, she looks like a slut, maybe she's easy etc).

  • Less picky and willing to give us a chance is my guess.


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  • sex!