Is pessimism unattractive?

I am extremely pessimistic/brutally honest,

Is this unattractive, Not just in relationships, but in friendships too,

Or do you like the unfiltered honesty


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  • I am personally attracted to pessimism, but my image on what is attractive is sort of twisted, so who knows if I'm the only one. I am also pessimistic, and it tends to wear people out...

    Honesty is nice, but you also need some tact. If you are a complete asshole with no regards to any feelings, well, they say that's not good in a friendship. You should do that only if they specifically ask you for completely unfiltered honesty. You can be honest - but try to phrase things nicely. :P

    • Well people see my pessimism as sarcasm and don't realize I'm serious, so people think its quite humorous, it strangly attracts people to me XD

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    • Lovely. I tend to feel the same way. High-five!

    • Yay a fellow weirdo *Epic high five*


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  • I find that being overly pessimistic can be most unattractive. That's not to say that some pessimism is not warranted, just that if it comes across as persistantly negative it can be a turn off. I really appreciate complete honesty in my friends/family/partner, and I find that honesty & optimism work alongside each other just fine. I`m an optimist by nature, but that in no way means I hide my feelings or my self expression. If you are consistently expecting the worst from people or a given situation, then this is most likely what you will find. And again, if you are looking for the best then it find you. My experience has found that overtly pessimistic people give off a vibe that I, as an optimist try to avoid. Life`s too short to be negative.

  • I LOVE pessimism. xD

  • Another hottie that is brutally honest and no longer visiting this site. :(

  • Pessimism is very unattractive. Honesty is a good quality. But too much honesty is bad. Like If I hadn't seen you in years, and you gained some weight.. I wouldn't walk up to you and say- Holy sh*t you got fat. Etc.

    • I do edit my honesty, unless they need to hear it

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    • Don't be sorry, you should have only been sorry if I had been pessimistic and given up.

    • True, so I take it back and say good for you :)

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